Compressed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Compressed | Compressed Sentence

  • Cylinder of compressed hydrogen.
  • And she only compressed her lips.
  • But she compressed them tightly.
  • Reed compressed his lips.
  • Olive compressed her lips.
  • She smiled with compressed mouth.
  • Kitty compressed her small lips.
  • His lips had compressed a little.
  • Panna followed him with compressed lips.
  • Stainton replied with compressed lips.
  • She compressed her lips and nodded.
  • Calendar compressed his lips nervously.
  • Petrovitch frowned and compressed his lips.
  • He stared at me with compressed lips.
  • He compressed his lips and looked at her.
  • Her ladyship compressed her lips.
  • Sometimes we use a stream of compressed air.
  • If these gases are compressed at 0 deg.
  • Altiora compressed her lips and shook her head.
  • Shirley compressed her lips and stepped back.
  • These pistons are actuated by compressed air.
  • Oh what an agony was compressed in those awful hours!
  • The big foreman compressed his lips.
  • The doctor nodded with compressed lips.
  • He compressed his lips the moment he uttered the words.
  • Scott arose with compressed lips and pale face.
  • She looked out of the window with tightly compressed lips.
  • The hiss of compressed air sprang from her stern.
  • His fingers compressed her throat till she gasped.
  • Curious jackets with tight sleeves compressed the body.
  • But she shook her head with tightly compressed lips.
  • I never compressed my body out of its natural shape.
  • Ovary superior, compressed and borne on a disc.
  • Mowbray on use of compressed air, 15.
  • A medium-sized vase with vertically compressed body.

How To Use Compressed In A Sentence?

  • The air was then compressed to 600 pounds per square inch.
  • Her lips parted to speak, but she compressed them tightly.
  • The fruit is ovate and acute, compressed at the point.
  • Miss Sallie compressed her lips.
  • Tom listened with wide, staring eyes and compressed lips.

Definition of Compressed

Pressed tightly together. | Flattened, especially when along its entire length. | simple past tense and past participle of compress
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