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  • He comprised my life!
  • These were the buildings which comprised the ranch.
  • Our centre comprised two armies.
  • Those few months comprised his contribution to the cause.
  • Approximately 225,000 troops comprised the contingent.
  • The Mint charge here comprised is about 2 per cent.
  • Musical notes are comprised between 27 and 4000 vibrations per second.
  • Picture-books, jack-knives, dolls, and other toys comprised my selection.
  • The map was a German production, and comprised a large scale area of Kent.
  • This fleet, under Admiral Montejo, comprised ten vessels, viz.
  • The Morris estate comprised nearly one-third of Putnam County.

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  • The same will be done as regards all pleasures not comprised in the necessaries of life.
  • Certainly they can; and this exercise is comprised in what is called stationary exercise.
  • His philosophy is comprised in a philosophic didactic poem which is divided into two parts.
  • The least pleasant part of this ceremony may be comprised in the word curl-papers.
  • The region of the best tobacco is comprised within a small parallelogram of very limited extent.
  • This residence formerly comprised five villages, which are now reduced to three.
  • Some of these States were so small that they comprised merely a handful of citizens.
  • In fact it involved a situation which, syllogistically, comprised more than one dilemma.
  • The guard, which comprised some fifty men, fired repeatedly on the retreating party.
  • Their numbers reached close to two hundred; again, mostly comprised of children.
  • It most probably comprised a large portion of the present district of Kenneggie.
  • The indictment put forward with such inexorable precision comprised the very core of his whole vile plot.
  • I have comprised in a few words the tale of many long days of agony and suffering, both mental and corporeal.
  • It was comprised in a single generation, which was followed by one which made the first steps down the slope of the decadence.
  • Where a community is largely comprised of one industry it may be very unwise for the industry to go so far toward the control of community affairs.
  • These blows did no actual damage to a navy which comprised several hundred frigates and sloops, but the moral effect was great.
  • His sister was the oldest member of his family, which comprised but the three of them, his father and mother having died some years before.
  • She felt a deep interest in that especial moon, which seemed between its dawning and waning to have comprised the whole fate of her life.
  • The following day, the tumour reached its maximum of elevation, and sometimes comprised the submaxillary glands of the same side.
  • This fact is important when we consider that the Irish exodus of the eighteenth century was largely comprised of the youth of the country.
  • The faults of Alexander are comprised in his infidelity to a beautiful, accomplished, and affectionate wife.
  • This apparatus comprised groups of coils and condensers by means of which he obtained, as we cannot now doubt, effects due to true electric waves.
  • It must be remembered, however, that they comprised but a small proportion of the armies opposing the Germans.
  • The horses and wagons which Franklin had secured for Braddock comprised almost his whole equipment.
  • Another period of excitement due to accounts of vampirism comprised the middle of last century, when all Europe was deeply agitated on the subject.
  • When fully equipped, the line comprised 190 stations, about 420 horses, 400 station men and assistants and eighty riders.
  • As time went on, his commissions for books were less restricted to agriculture, and comprised also works on history, biography, and government.
  • Admiral Saunders commanded the fleet, which comprised twenty-two line-of-battle ships, and an equal number of frigates.
  • In the Moluccas we may read a compendium of the wide-spread history which applies to the vast regions comprised in the mighty Archipelago.

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simple past tense and past participle of comprise
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