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  • It comprises the absolutely essential.
  • Apparently that comprises all his thoughts on the subject.
  • This good old saying comprises all our demands.
  • Our collection comprises not more than a dozen pieces of this ware.
  • Her park system is extensive and beautiful and comprises about 1100 acres.
  • This collection comprises twenty-two of the old ballad stories.
  • The greatest of all injustices, because it comprises all others, is slavery.
  • It comprises 408 pages, with 76 plates, and nearly a thousand figures.
  • What I have told you comprises the whole facts as reported to me to-day.
  • The Manor comprises 1,200 acres, none of which is now copyhold.
  • This List comprises the Best Works on Hygiene, Health, Etc.
  • The Michie-Golledge system comprises a process of preparation and drying.
  • Voici la liste des personnes comprises dans l'ordonnance du 24 juillet 1815.

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  • The length of the bird is about 40 inches, of which the tail comprises about 18 in.
  • This library comprises most of the important works on the subject of Hydropathy.
  • It comprises four large apartments, hewn in the side of a hill of solid quartz rock.
  • The idea of the true in its developments, comprises psychology, logic, and metaphysics.
  • The genus comprises the largest of the Disc fungi known, some species weighing over a pound.
  • The genus picea comprises eighteen species, seven of which belong to American forests.
  • The following comprises the essential apparatus and reagents for routine work with which each student should be provided.
  • It has been demonstrated to satiety that comparison exacts an indivisible centre that comprises the different terms of the comparison.
  • Our society in this district is limited; but it comprises persons of some small amount of cultivation and intelligence.
  • The series comprises octavo volumes of about 350 pages each, issued in parts at irregular intervals.
  • The first class comprises those which have a cone-like appearance, though much enlarged in the direction of the base.
  • The fortification comprises two tiers of casemates surmounted by a parapet, and on the landward side barbette batteries.
  • He measures one foot five inches in length, of which the tail comprises two and a half inches only.
  • Its council of ministers comprises various examiners of books and writings, counselors, and familiars.
  • Knowledge, it affirms, can be of but one type, that which comprises the verifiable laws governing nature.
  • The part of the sleeping man which lies upon his couch comprises the physical and etheric bodies, but not the astral body and not the ego.
  • The tract settled under his superintendence now comprises twenty-nine townships in the most prosperous part of Canada.
  • Its design comprises an arcade with seven openings, divided into three panels, with much elaborate carving.
  • One set comprises the repulse of the invaders, the suppression of an extensive civil war, and the attempted reconstruction of a social framework.
  • Mr. Rodd's collection comprises many letters of great historical and literary interest.
  • The ecclesiastical establishment now comprises a bishop, receiving 2000l.; an archdeacon, receiving 500l.
  • He brings his wool into town once, and sometimes twice, a year, and that staple comprises the current coin of the country.
  • The husk comprises the treaty ports and some of the capital cities of the provinces; the kernel is that vast sleepy interior of China.
  • Their world still, however, comprises chiefly the home, the school, the playground, and the phenomena of nature.
  • Relation, which also comprises three heads: substance and accident, cause and effect, reciprocity, or action and reaction.
  • The commerce general comprises as well the imports and exports of the special commerce as the transit and deliveries in entrepot of foreign merchandise.
  • The country north of the mountain ranges of northern Bohemia comprises the middle district, which contained 2-1/2 million spindles in 1901.

Definition of Comprises

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of comprise
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