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  • It is now a large ranche, comprising many thousand acres.
  • Why must it be so much harder than the individuals comprising it?
  • But do not the iron-clads comprising this fleet frequently turn turtle?
  • It was one among several comprising the faces of well-known parliamentarians.
  • A new fleet was fitted out, comprising our whole navy except five ships.
  • CELEBES: comprising also the Sula Islands and Bouton.
  • J. S. R. van de Poll, comprising thirty-five family portraits.

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  • Presently the three manuscripts comprising lot eighty-two were held up for inspection.
  • There were 320 blocks in all, each comprising eight lots forming squares of 264 feet.
  • How many keys (white and black) are there between two keys comprising a perfect fourth?
  • Published during 1863 to 1871 inclusive, comprising also important American Publications.
  • Next after Panpanga comes the district comprising all of Sambales and Pangasinan.
  • The next family of Thysanura is the Campodeae, comprising the two genera Campodea and Japyx.
  • Graustark is a province comprising some eight hundred square miles of the best land in this part of the world.
  • This strife can cease only by means of a doctrine that conciliates all systems by comprising all the facts that give them authority.
  • From this point of view the sensation is a complex, comprising elaborate physical and physiological processes.
  • Each of these conferences was a little cyberspace world in itself, comprising dozens and perhaps hundreds of sub-topics.
  • There was a separate navy, comprising more than two thousand war vessels equipped from a score of dockyards.
  • To the Study of Maps, comprising his Atlas, in a series of Lessons for beginners in Geography.
  • The tour of the ruins is divided into a consideration of the outer and inner circles, each comprising a drive of several miles.
  • Hudsonian zone: is that part of the boreal region comprising the northern part of the great transcontinental coniferous forests.
  • First Greek Book; comprising an Outline of the Forms and Inflections of the Language.
  • Yes, it was one of those days that would stand out, to elderly and young alike, of those comprising that trio.
  • Tables to find the working speed of cables; comprising also data as to diameter, capacity and copper resistance of all cores.
  • A few of his interpretations are noteworthy as comprising either Palestinian or Hellenistic tradition.
  • Up there I found a mass of people, mostly comprising those who had been spectators rather than actors in the siege.
  • Poor America, of what avail is all her wealth, if the individuals comprising the nation are wretchedly poor?
  • The entrance, reached by a winding way along the ridges, is on one side of an irregular depression comprising 3 or 4 acres.
  • We want a five-room house, comprising a parlor, dining room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.
  • The specimens from Prater Canyon were trapped in the grasses and sedges of the meadow comprising the floor of the canyon.
  • The main unit, comprising the vessels equipped with the live-bait tanks, were to begin "chumming" at once within a given area.
  • Royal 8vo., comprising as much matter as twenty ordinary volumes, with 1500 engravings of arms, &c. 38s.
  • The Mustard family is a very large one, comprising over a hundred and seventy genera, and containing between one and two thousand species.
  • The former is very brief and general, comprising nothing but a bare statement that there was a successful war and a consequent appropriation of territory.
  • During this period of time it escorted, in co-operation with the British forces, 562 convoys, comprising a total of 10,478 ships.
  • This is a comparatively large genus, comprising about a hundred species, most of which are native to the western parts of the United States.
  • Attention has been called to decorations comprising segments of the circles incised in these whorls, the periphery of which is toward their centers (figs.
  • Analysis of the characters previously mentioned and their geographic distribution permits the recognition of ten taxa, comprising four species and eight subspecies.
  • The public schools of the second municipality of New Orleans were established in 1842, comprising at that time less than three hundred pupils.
  • Unfortunately one cannot obtain this sermon without a great number of others, amongst which the author embedded it in a huge and repulsive folio comprising all his works.

Definition of Comprising

present participle of comprise
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