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  • Do you know how computers work?
  • There were no computers involved in the games themselves.
  • Unfortunately, computers are also stupid.
  • Code causes computers to perform desired functions.
  • Replacing computers with operators is simply not an option any more.
  • On the other hand, computers can handle hundreds of calls per second.
  • What did our Procrustean legal system do with computers and computer science?
  • The exact reason WHY these computers were "different" was rather ill-defined.
  • I think computers are conscious, at least while they're operating.
  • It doesn't think; the people who make computers and use them do the thinking.
  • Simulations are just make-believe, and the stuff in computers is NOT REAL.
  • However, computers WERE deeply involved in the Steve Jackson Games business.

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  • Conn finished the robo-pilot and the astrogational computers and saw them installed.
  • Donations are used only to buy equipment and supplies, mostly computers and scanners.
  • Donations are used to buy equipment and supplies, mostly computers and scanners.
  • Unlike human beings, computers possess the truly profound stupidity of the inanimate.
  • Naturally, computers and phones are primary topics of conversation on almost every board.
  • The advantages computers give smart crooks are matched by the advantages they give smart cops.
  • And hackers and phone phreaks, those utter devotees of computers and phones, live by boards.
  • The phone system has been digitized, and computers have learned to "talk" over phone-lines.
  • FCIC people invent and publicize methods of seizing computers and maintaining their evidence.
  • And then he found a whole city that manufactured nothing but computers and robo-controls and things like that.
  • The machines were controlled by computers that were really not computers at all, but the electronic analogues of living brains.
  • It was generally agreed that it was easier to learn the world of computers first, then police or prosecutorial work.
  • They raided computers habitually, but wouldn't alter anything, or damage anything.
  • Studies in the mid-1990s showed that families with internet-capable computers were watching an average of nine hours less television per week.
  • In America, computers and telephones are potent symbols of organized authority and the technocratic business elite.
  • He had edited the well-received Computers Under Attack: Intruders, Worms and Viruses.
  • Simple "metadata" (a fancy word for tags that computers can read) mark the material with its particular level of freedoms.
  • Jackson was left to believe that his computers had been seized because he intended to publish a science fiction book that law enforcement considered too dangerous to see print.
  • Although these operating systems make computers easier to use in some ways, they prevent users from gaining access or command over its more intricate processes.
  • Forty years of history for almost five hundred planets had to be abstracted and summarized and translated from verbal symbols to the electro-mathematical language of computers and fed in.
  • While the simultaneous electronic exchange of the two movies took approximately six hours, the computers required little operator attention during the interim.
  • It should be repeated that telecommunications fraud, the theft of phone service, causes vastly greater monetary losses than the practice of entering into computers by stealth.
  • There has been rather less talk about the stupidity of computers since they began to achieve grandmaster status in chess tournaments, and to manifest many other impressive forms of apparent cleverness.
  • Fay," Gusterson continued, wagging his wrists for emphasis, "I really think computers are conscious.
  • The computers of the 1990s are much more reliable in their components than earlier computer systems, but they are also called upon to do far more complex things, under far more challenging conditions.

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plural of computer
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