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  • She turned away to conceal her tears.
  • I smiled to conceal the loss of my temper.
  • He made little effort to conceal his bitterness.
  • Here Forval coughed to conceal his annoyance.
  • Lord Clare could conceal his fury no longer.
  • He did not conceal that he had been greatly struck by her appearance.
  • The others certainly had not deserved to have me conceal the truth.
  • If you attempt to conceal anything, it will be confiscated.
  • He had been a play-actor before the war and knew how to conceal his identity.
  • I do not conceal from myself that the text offers a hard nut to crack.
  • She was flushed and flurried in manner; but tried to conceal it.
  • He bowed low to conceal a surprise that had sprung incautiously to his eyes.
  • But though he could conceal the drink, he could not conceal its effects.
  • Strangers, even in kindness, in Nippon must not conceal their names.
  • I do not conceal from you,' she said, 'that I love you very much.
  • Now where could I better conceal myself than at the Little House?
  • You can't conceal a burning house; and Tory Hill is on fire.

How To Use Conceal In A Sentence?

  • But we will not conceal it from each other, she is not exactly in her sphere among us.
  • Stepping back far enough to conceal his own person, he took a good look at the intruder.
  • But she was a Wilmer now, and there was not so much necessity to exert herself to conceal them.
  • At all events conceal the fact from Iwa, if it be deigned to keep such company.
  • The Cat also began to laugh, but to conceal it she combed her whiskers with her forepaws.
  • Yet Grey actually considered it permissible to conceal this offer from the British Cabinet.
  • Wherever she went the same reception awaited her; nor did she try to conceal the happiness it conferred.
  • It was more than ever needful to conceal himself, if his life were to be of real use before he laid it down.
  • To myself, his manner was precisely that of a man who does not attempt to conceal his contempt for one whom he has duped.
  • You thought me a rigid judge of the conscience, from whom it would be best to conceal all human weaknesses.
  • Unfortunately, quoth the apologetic colonel, it had not been feasible to conceal the identity of our train.
  • She passed the day in a state of almost feverish excitement, the more painful from her effort to conceal and control it.
  • Ashley did his best to conceal his repulsion; she was sure of that; he only betrayed it negatively in a tendency to ignore him.
  • The early history shows it, as the musician plays the air which he proceeds to conceal in a tempest of variations.
  • The deacon, spurred by a feeling of guilt, was determined to conceal the fact that he was sleeping.
  • The sunlight seemed to incorporate itself with the woolly fibre, to conceal itself among the work where the shuttle chose to hide it.
  • Its effect is bad, for though it is not like slang, vulgar in itself, it betrays an effort to conceal vulgarity.
  • If a man wish to conceal anything he carries, those whom he meets know that he conceals somewhat, and usually know what he conceals.
  • If we went to a strange place, and tried to conceal it, it would always be oozing out, and be supposed disgraceful.
  • The worthy man, who felt the most sincere reverence for the poor mother, made every effort to conceal his alarm.
  • The beaming smile did not conceal from Nikolai a little anxious pucker between the brows, a nervous twitching of the big freckled hands.
  • Then came a sharp pain in my breast as if a vein had burst or a nerve had been severed, and I knew not which way to turn to conceal my anguish.
  • Nobody was at the pains to conceal these sentiments from the honorable gentleman, and he left the court with as little sympathy as ever disappointed suitor had.

Definition of Conceal

(transitive) To hide something from view or from public knowledge, to try to keep something secret.
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