Conceits In A Sentence

Definition of Conceits

plural of conceit

How To Use Conceits In A Sentence?

  • And yet how is it that these conceits are so painful now, when they have been pleasant to us in the other instances?
  • Among the humourous little conceits is a couple of strutting cocks carrying between them a dead fox slung on a rod.
  • The lacework of its fantasy became daintily apparent in the conceits with which it broidered over all the common objects familiar in homely lives.
  • Nothing can be more disgusting than a narrative spangled with conceits; and conceits are all that the Davideis supplies.
  • Is a volume of various conceits or epitome of time, who by his representation and appearance makes things long past seeme present.
  • He amuses the mind by his happy conceits which, like a good conscience, act as medicine for both mind and body.
  • A great satisfaction was added to the numerous conceits which served to flatter Gallardo's vanity.
  • Some men thought it a manly quality to despise a pretty conceit, but it was pretty conceits that made marble live, that made a canvas breathe.
  • The poet, laughing too, took and plucked it lightly, producing quick airs, conceits of pleasure and of wine.
  • To attribute all the conceits of this period to the influence of Dr. Donne is but a poor excuse after all.
  • It was a time of conceits and quackery; but there was a better spirit abroad, of which this good man Host was the representative.
  • The Englishman little affected the conceits of the red man, seldom opened his heart and was less commonly familiar.
  • Here, with careful selection, we may garner those delightful thoughts, those gay conceits or pithy stories, that strike our fancy as we read.
  • As to its setting there is a wide latitude given wherein all the pretty conceits and superstitions attached to precious stones may be exercised at will.
  • These conceits Addison calls mixed wit; that is, wit which consists of thoughts true in one sense of the expression, and false in the other.
  • One has frequently occasion to wonder how a man of business could allow himself to be tickled by such obvious straws as are too many of the conceits which give him pleasure.
  • They belong to fashionable and middle life, and the conceits and eccentricities, as well as the straightforward integrity of their stations are illustrated with peculiar force.
  • The ranchman was one of the best-hearted fellows in the world, but he had a few infirmities of disposition and one or two little conceits that sometimes marred his better judgment.
  • He could scarcely be expected to understand the conceits of M'Iver's tale about his lameness, that any one with eyes could behold had no existence.
  • Wax candles are extremely pretty with tissue shades to match the prevailing tint of the other decorations, besides giving an opportunity for displaying all manner of pretty conceits in candelabra.
  • But it commonly happens to such writers, that they seek for their favourite ornaments even where the subject affords them not; and by that means have twenty insipid conceits for one thought that is really beautiful.
  • The book contains many delightful little poems for boys and girls, prettily rhymed, and full of the quaint humor and conceits which mark the other writings of the authors.
  • The Romeo of the mutton-chop whiskers was expected to keep this delicate symbolism in view, and even to display his wit by some dainty conceits in it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Conceits | Conceits Sentence

  • It inheres in our conceits about knowledge.
  • Their conceits were sentiments slight and trifling.
  • Wit and gay conceits proceed not from dull heads.
  • Of the vain conceits of man in sooth the tongue of truth becomes accuser.

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