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  • The use of too concentrated a solution of coagulant.
  • I eat very little, and take concentrated food.
  • The liquors are concentrated and the green vitriol separates from them.
  • The concentrated aim of the enemy had not escaped her horrified gaze.
  • Her whole heart and soul were concentrated on getting at the truth.
  • Dilute acids have no effect upon it, but concentrated acids attack it readily.
  • These are my wishes, all concentrated in the one I have just expressed.
  • The most concentrated solution has a density of 1.2 and contains 40% HCl.
  • Gray's eyes followed him with a savage concentrated hate in them.

How To Use Concentrated In A Sentence?

  • This is the most economical method for the preparation of the concentrated acid.
  • The consequence was that the enemy concentrated their fire on our little party.
  • Hydrofluoric acid is readily obtained from fluorspar by the action of concentrated sulphuric acid.
  • Fats are very concentrated foods, furnishing a large amount of energy to the body.
  • When a concentrated solution of borax acts on silver nitrate a borate of silver is formed.
  • As she took in the sweep of country her gaze concentrated upon the moving objects she saw in it.
  • Some people can eat highly concentrated food, others have to have bulk, and so on.
  • When cold, concentrated sulphuric acid is added to zinc, no change takes place.
  • Unlike the latter, in the American, species the bloom is concentrated near the top of the tree.
  • He then crossed the Po, and concentrated as many troops as he could spare at Stradella.
  • Write equations for the action of concentrated sulphuric and nitric acids upon the metals of this family.
  • Hydrogen dioxide decomposes very rapidly when powdered manganese dioxide is sifted into its concentrated solution.
  • What component is present in concentrated sulphuric acid that is almost wanting in very dilute sulphuric acid?
  • Each god has a history of his own; he has grown up separately as men concentrated their attention upon him.
  • Yet all my thoughts were concentrated upon the future and what the curious alliance with my strange protectress might bring upon me.
  • The individual concentrated its movements near one center for three to five days then moved to the other center.
  • For the first time in my narrow and concentrated life another human being had really thrust into my being and gripped my very heart.
  • In the laboratory carbon monoxide is usually prepared by the action of concentrated sulphuric acid upon oxalic acid.
  • After the former had been disposed of, the artillery fire was concentrated on the fort, which was reduced to a heap of rubbish.
  • Boil the milk to be treated for ten minutes, stirring it to promote evaporation, as it is advantageous to have it in concentrated form.
  • But from time to time I concentrated all my powers in living over again the divine moments of that dance.
  • When the concentrated acid is employed the hydrogen set free is oxidized by a new portion of the acid, with the liberation of sulphur dioxide.
  • But although his hope of being in time had pretty well died out, his whole heart was still concentrated on the simple desire to escape.
  • Hydrochloric acid and fused alkalis do not act upon it, but nitric acid and hot, concentrated sulphuric acid dissolve it with ease.
  • He fares best if the sale is concentrated in one market, and 'change' prices simplify the struggle between buyer and seller.
  • The ordinary concentrated acid contains about 2% of water, has a density of 1.84, and boils at 338 deg..
  • The gaze of the senior day-room was concentrated on that ridge of purple beneath Sheen's left eye.
  • Bodlevski, with his obstinate, persistent, and concentrated character, reached the highest skill in card-sharping and the allied wiles.
  • A fear unwonted o'er my spirit falls; Man's concentrated woe o'erwhelms me here!
  • The process is continued until all the water in the absorbing vessel has been changed into sulphuric acid, so that a very concentrated acid is made in this way.
  • She seemed to have concentrated all her love for me into those beautiful taper fingers, which laboured ceaselessly in exquisite needlework on my wedding clothes.

Definition of Concentrated

Not dilute; having a high concentration. | Intense; directed towards a specific location. | simple past tense and past participle of concentrate
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