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How To Use Concentrations In A Sentence?

  • Seems they are the result of violent concentrations of energy that cause the birth of atoms.
  • The greatest concentrations are on the venter, in the groin, and on the thighs.
  • For the successful operation of the chloramine process, the essential factors are low concentrations of the hypochlorite and ammonia solutions.
  • So the men, as they created great architectural masterpieces, left their worries of death while they welded their concentrations on this new work.
  • They went forth with a new kind of ship on a new kind of sea, whose waves were shell-craters, whose tempests sudden concentrations of shell fire.
  • If the concentrations of the two solutions are known, it is easy to calculate what weight of sodium hydroxide is required to neutralize a given weight of sulphuric acid.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Concentrations | Concentrations Sentence

  • Rabelaisan concentrations on seldom-expressed particulars....

Definition of Concentrations

plural of concentration
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