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  • With the concentrations of hypochlorite ordinarily used in water treatment

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  • Seems they are the result of violent concentrations of energy that cause the birth of atoms.
  • For the successful operation of the chloramine process, the essential factors are low concentrations of the hypochlorite and ammonia solutions.
  • They went forth with a new kind of ship on a new kind of sea, whose waves were shell-craters, whose tempests sudden concentrations of shell fire.
  • The author investigated the action of hypochlorite on galvanised pipes in 1914 and was unable to detect any definite corrosion with normal concentrations of chlorine.
  • If the concentrations of the two solutions are known, it is easy to calculate what weight of sodium hydroxide is required to neutralize a given weight of sulphuric acid.
  • In fall, dense concentrations of this subspecies have been found in small pools, where brush, driftwood or other debris deflects the current and prevents filling with drifting sand.
  • Sealander (1961) investigated hematological values in deer mice infected with botflies, and found that infected mice had significantly lower concentrations of hemoglobin than non-infected mice.
  • He gave to Lloyd a glass also, breaking his concentrations of watching the columns of people below, as they headed for the centre of Pomperaque, to their taverns and theatres.
  • It made use of the same technologies that had created the issue: the technologies that made fixation of expressive content and its distribution to the world something that people, as well as large concentrations of capital, could do.
  • Many experimenters have reported results that would indicate that appreciable concentrations of chlorine are required for bactericidal action but the details of the technique, as published, show that the effect of the organic matter added with the test organism was not thoroughly appreciated.
  • The twelve days succeeding July 1st had seen the taking of minor position after position by local concentrations of troops and artillery fire, while the army as a whole had been preparing for another big attack at the propitious moment when these preliminary gains should justify it.
  • Like all the others, however, even this confines the idea of Life to those degrees or concentrations of it, which manifest themselves in organized beings, or rather in those the organization of which is apparent to us.
  • Our repeated attacks in Flanders and those of our allies elsewhere had brought about large concentrations of the enemy's forces on the threatened fronts, with a consequent reduction in the garrisons of certain other sectors of his line.
  • In a community in which all the great initiatives have been assumed by the State, the importance of financiers and promoters will have diminished relatively to the importance of administrative officials; the opportunities of private exploitation, indeed, will have so diminished that there will probably be far less evidence of great concentrations of private wealth in the European social landscape than there was before the war.
  • You see thousands of thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand of angels and archangels, pure, exalted, glorious intelligences, who reflect his perfect image, burn like flames of fire with zeal for his glory, and seem to be so many concentrations of wisdom, knowledge, holiness and love; a fit retinue for the thrice holy Lord of hosts, whose holiness and all-filling glory they unceasingly proclaim.
  • The Thiepval-Gommecourt line where the British had been repulsed on July 1st had reverted to something approaching stalemate conditions, with the usual exchange of artillery fire, and it was along the broader front where the old German first line had been broken through that the main concentrations of men and guns were being made in order to continue the advance for the present through the opening won on July 1st.
  • The crests which dominate the basin of Ypres were used as observation-posts--the lowering sky being usually unfavourable for aerial observation--while their counter-slopes masked the concentrations of troops for the attacks.
  • Against these, up to the same date, the Germans had been able to concentrate ninety-seven divisions, or 1,164,000 rifles, with special concentrations of 120,000 rifles against Bucquoy, on April 6, and 180,000 against the French between Lassigny and Noyon, on March 27 and April 3.
  • The British guns were also pounding the enemy's positions, and through that the concentrations of Germany--infantry, guns, transport, and cavalry--were moving up the roads in and north of Merville.
  • There are heavy concentrations of German storm troops behind Maurepas, Ginchy, and Beugnatre, and the roads around Bapaume have been crowded with men and guns and transport passing down through Le Sars, with German cavalry along the Bapaume-Gudecourt road and a steady drift downward to the town of Albert.
  • In the experiments recorded, _K_ constantly decreases, due to the decreasing concentrations of the reacting substances and the complex nature of the organic matter.
  • The equation H_{2}O +CO_{2} <--> H_{2}CO_{3} is a reversible equation, and the extent to which the reaction progresses depends upon the relative concentrations of each of the three factors in it.
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