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  • But the conception of species has just as little any fixed physiological value.
  • It was chiefly in the eighteenth century that a very different conception of history grew up.
  • She grew hot with the thought of the limitations of her previous conception of her lover.
  • He had been trying to inspire in his pupils some conception of the poetry contained in history.
  • There is another false conception which has given great apparent force to the cause of necessity.
  • The definition supplemented: another element in the new conception of history.
  • It seemed a primitive conception of social relationships, but not on the whole a false one.
  • The meaning of the topic sentence made clearer; the new conception of history defined.
  • Meanwhile he was meditating a scheme which might be likened to the bold conception of Pontiac.
  • Yet it is possible to form some conception of the ideal which Aristotle would set before us.
  • The conception of Plato, in the days before logic, seems to be more correct than this.
  • The place of the conception of the Ego in Kant's and Fichte's theory of knowledge is well known.
  • This conception was intimately connected with that of the origin of individual literary compositions.
  • In itself the external world has no inside, no centre: it is we who read into it the conception of a life-history.
  • And this image of those two with the key in the studio seemed to me a most monstrous conception of fanaticism, of a perfectly horrible aberration.
  • If there ever beamed content and happiness from human face we saw it in that of this peasant beauty, who had no conception of our commiseration.
  • But though there may be some use in the analogy, to press the conception is seriously to narrow the divine character and the scope of religion.
  • Before we are prepared to answer this question we must be furnished with a precise conception of what is meant by "steadiness" in prices.
  • So long as the accepted lover had been but an abstract conception Davenant had been able to think of him with toleration.
  • We Protestants have no conception of the close connection between the superior sanctity and the superior jollity of a particular season.
  • I don't think that even then I was swayed by any crude melodramatic conception of injustice.
  • In our conception of God in his relation to man or of any union of the divine and human nature, a contradiction appears to be unavoidable.
  • Mr. Spencer's conception of Psychology restricts it to the more general physics of the mind.
  • It was entirely in my conception of things that I should be very watchful not to shock or distress Margaret or press the sensuous note.
  • The conception of variety or species has a different value in every small or large department of systematic Zoology and Botany.
  • For their difficulty was not a practical but a metaphysical one; and their conception of falsehood was really impaired and weakened by a metaphysical illusion.
  • Nor will the great importance of the two dialogues be doubted by any one who forms a conception of the state of mind and opinion which they are intended to meet.
  • Another conception of this quantity may be had by remembering that a coulomb is such a quantity of current as will result from one ampere flowing one second.
  • This is the rational liberation from them; whereas monastic renunciation and forcible interference do not free from them, nor are they in conception rational.
  • Before analyzing further the topics thus suggested, we will endeavour to trace the manner in which Plato arrived at his conception of Not-being.
  • The conception of the possibility and desirability of transmitting speech by electricity may have occurred to many, long prior to its accomplishment.
  • Though few have been satisfied with the details of the system of optimism, yet has the great fundamental conception of that system been received by the wise and good in all ages.
  • It shows how our conception of reality and our psychical organisation are inevitably presupposed in the barest function of intelligence, in the abstractest forms of logical law.

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  • But gradually the conception of "instruction" altered.
  • Plato restricts the conception of Not-being to difference.
  • Like a flash of lightning a conception struck me through and through.
  • We had no conception of the roots of things nor of the reaction of things.
  • But in two directions this conception of morality needs to be supplementing.
  • Not-being, the conception of one, many, the conception of a whole, parts.
  • It is the old conception (and in its highest sense) of Theocracy(110).

Definition of Conception

The act of conceiving. | The state of being conceived; the beginning. | The fertilization of an ovum by a sperm to form a zygote.
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