Conciseness in a sentence 🔊

How to use Conciseness in Sentences?

1. His telegrams in consequence were celebrated more for their conciseness than their clarity. 🔊

2. The use of the pen tends to give clearness and conciseness to the speaker's style. 🔊

3. Tourgeneff carried his desire for conciseness so far that he seems always to be experimenting to see how much of his story he may leave out. 🔊

4. The short sentence is the most important step toward brevity, terseness, conciseness and clear thinking. 🔊

5. One of Hearn's dangers was discursiveness, or want of conciseness and intensity. 🔊

6. Thereupon she threw away her cigarette, wrote five letters with extraordinary despatch and undepartmental conciseness of style, and went to have tea in the canteen. 🔊

7. A common violation of conciseness is the presentation of a single complex idea, step by step, in a series of sentences or independent clauses which might to advantage be combined into one. 🔊