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  • What do you conclude from that?
  • I conclude these cases with an illustration.
  • And then conclude with a brief improvement.
  • From this you conclude that you will be well off with us.
  • I shall conclude with a convincing proof of the audacity of the Papists.
  • Before quitting the subject, I can conclude with a more gratifying fact.
  • It was the old custom of this church so to conclude Evening Prayer.

How To Use Conclude In A Sentence?

  • The mapmaker would have no choice but to conclude that the surfer was hopelessly lost.
  • It is well to conclude this chapter of hate with two quotations which breathe respect.
  • I have been obliged to conclude the last few miles of my journey in somewhat ignominious fashion.
  • If on his report you conclude to buy them at once, you can have them for ten thousand dollars.
  • It is therefore fair to conclude that the author of this codex considered him the giver of rain.
  • With these sentences, we conclude this book, as well as our selections on the whale.
  • I must conclude for to-day, and defer the pleasure of writing further till another opportunity.
  • But once more I fix my attention on the apple: the desire is awakened, and I conclude to eat it.
  • We may conclude that Sir Pascasius was a Cornishman and a member of the clan Pascoe.
  • We will now conclude our account of the front in its present form, with a description of its flanking towers.
  • While absolute truths may exist, it is presumptuous for anyone to conclude he has found and comprehended one.
  • When he gets a new god he does not deny the god he had before; he is not yet in a position to conclude that there can only be one god.
  • If you cannot succeed in reconciling this, you are bound to conclude that the law cannot organise labour and industry without organising injustice.
  • It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Wijck has represented himself in the person of this seeker after gold.
  • He will therefore conclude that for the study of psychical phenomena the physical basis, as it may be called, is all important.
  • With the hunger of love in us, it was easy to conclude we might be lovers, and still keep everything to ourselves.
  • That I would claim with you, faire Ladie; Hark in your eare, nay, I must conclude with you.
  • We should not conclude from this, however, that all suffering or natural evil bears the characteristic of a punishment for moral evil.
  • He was to attend divine service punctually, and at table he was to commence and conclude with prayer; during the meal he was to preserve silence.
  • This work of pillars and arches led him to conclude that the architect laid his first floor of timber 40 feet higher than the vault beneath.
  • Accordingly, we conclude that faith justifies without works of any kind, and yet it does not follow that we must not do any good works.
  • Be it as it may, to conclude that legal plunder has one of its roots in false philanthropy, is evidently to put intentions out of the question.
  • If he is a young man and wears them, you may conclude that he means to succeed, and always look on the serious side of life.
  • It is, therefore, unsafe to conclude as yet that either variety indicates a particular deity known as the god of death.
  • My eagerness impeded me, and I did not conclude it to Clo's genuine satisfaction after all.
  • If there were any force in such analogies, they would conclude quite as much against the scheme of Dr. Channing as against ours.
  • I should conclude that there was no other means for me to enrich my people, or for them to enrich themselves, but to draw away the cash from other nations.
  • We cannot conclude the account of this period without a brief allusion to the names of the incumbents from the time of David de Lyspein onwards.
  • And now I will hasten to conclude mine; for after we left Florence the journey no longer offered any great attractions.
  • You say you are fond of me; then you will put yourself in my place, and conclude that I have done the best I could for you.
  • But now I conclude to eat it, and I make an effort of the mind to put forth my hand to take the apple and eat it.
  • Some speakers are about to conclude effectively but are unwilling to omit anything which they have planned to give in their speech, and so continue in an endeavor to recall every item.
  • Judging by the changes observed in the relation of the parts of compound characters to one another, we conclude that the order of arranging these parts was not uniform or essential.

Definition of Conclude

(intransitive) To end; to come to an end. | (transitive) To bring to an end; to close; to finish. | (transitive) To bring about as a result; to effect; to make.
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