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  • Gradually she focussed more concretely this unconscious weight upon her soul.

How To Use Concretely In A Sentence?

  • There must be a sense of definite problems to be concretely treated in all lessons.
  • It means too much, concretely and with reference to objects specifically desired for the future.
  • Every smallest state of consciousness, concretely taken, overflows its own definition.
  • It concretely illustrates the fact that the first essential of success is the willingness to serve.
  • The facts may be illustrated more concretely by taking a still simpler example of collective volition.
  • The noblest ideals in each succeeding generation are often thus concretely embodied in the character of some national hero.
  • Could we feel a million years concretely as we now feel a passing minute, we should have very little employment for our conceptual faculty.
  • Unquestionably the newspapers had greater influence than in an ordinary time, because the question was a moral one and could be concretely put.
  • These two principles, simplicity and continuity, apply concretely to sentence and phrase structure as well.
  • The Impressionists did not embody concretely the teachings of their forerunners, but used them all in the abstract.
  • I did not think concretely of the stage nor of acting; what I had news of, was a country of large impulses and satisfying movement.
  • In the first century the world was becoming incapable of understanding abstract ideas, and required ethics to be concretely embodied in examples of life.
  • He also learns concretely how foreign shipments are financed and is given some valuable information concerning the influence of gold and other factors upon foreign exchange rates.
  • In a secondary sense, church designates an individual assembly in which the universal church takes local and temporary form and in which the idea of the general church is concretely exhibited.
  • Reasons occurred to her, but they were rather felt than concretely formulated, and, as she realized, would suffer from being forced into shallow and inadequate expression.
  • What it stood for concretely is best expressed in the words of the young R.N.R. sub-lieutenant who was officer of the watch at the time.

Definition of Concretely

In a concrete manner, physically, definitely
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