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  • Later the sentences of condemnation were issued.
  • I have dreaded your condemnation next to that of my God.
  • To do him justice he had plenty of condemnation for himself too.
  • But the writer does not confine his condemnation to one side.
  • It would have been a condemnation of you if any one of us had been a shirker.
  • Neither is the moral justification or condemnation of conduct aimed at here.
  • If it is not happy and loving, it is the condemnation of its environment.
  • The dramatic attitude was almost a condemnation to the guilty man before her.
  • Was it not an unintentional condemnation of those who had affixed Him there?
  • But there was a third, and greater reason, for the condemnation of Socrates.
  • He issued a sentence of condemnation against the Duke of Ferrara.
  • In the "Hah!" lay triumphant condemnation of a whole way of life.

How To Use Condemnation In A Sentence?

  • Hence he fulminates a general and sweeping condemnation against all that exists out of man.
  • But a loyal movement can never save itself from condemnation at the hands of this powerful class.
  • There are many critics to whom condemnation of books they do not like seems the chief end of man.
  • Not the least interesting is the condemnation expressed by the Italian section.
  • This sentence might have served as a condemnation of Walpole himself, and indeed he meant it so.
  • Mr. Marple, the cab-driver, was very loud and very hoarse in condemnation of such barbarity.
  • Any God who might be thought of as doing so would be a false God; his condemnation would be just.
  • Another word on the condemnation of convicts to tasks at which they cannot hope to make a living after release.
  • Thus it was that no voice was raised on his behalf, and his condemnation was a foregone conclusion.
  • The psychological and the biological pacifists are hardly less emphatic in their condemnation of war.
  • The judge who read his condemnation to him told him that his life was a sacrifice which he owed to public tranquillity.
  • Hellenic taste and the principles of high art ratify the condemnation passed on the novel by the aesthetic goddesses.
  • Such is this great woman of the sixteenth century, who has received almost universal condemnation at the hands of historians.
  • Yet society has not a word of condemnation for the man, while no law is too monstrous to be set in motion against the helpless victim.
  • Her soul cried out it was no wish of hers that it should be so; but only silent condemnation seemed to echo back to her from the far blue hills.
  • Therefore, if it be right to be sparing of condemnation for another, it is also wise to be chary of undue commendation.
  • Here it suffered a check in the condemnation of Mrs. Ann Hutchinson (1636) by the Newton Synod.
  • No condemnation was visited on Astor or his fellow-landlords for profiting from such ghastly harvests of disease and death.
  • So far as we know, however, this is the only condemnation of that institution ever uttered by any Pagan thinker.
  • Germany waives all claims against Siam for the seizure and condemnation of her ships, liquidation of her property, or internment of her nationals.
  • This condemnation it has incurred by parting with that highest stimulus to human virtue and endeavour, which lies in the belief in a living God.
  • That, surely, meant that he deserved what he was getting, an' how is it possible to deserve both condemnation an' forgiveness at the same time?
  • But it was by what ensued after the sentence of condemnation was passed that these men cut themselves off forever from the sympathy of the tolerant and generous.
  • Extreme measures were, however, not agreeable to Epicureans, who in general had nothing but condemnation for civil war.
  • Your arrest and condemnation gave the conspirators a chance of repaying Mr. Gray the money he had advanced.
  • This is addressed to us as beings in a state both of guilt and of depravity; and as having no means of our own, by which we can rescue ourselves from condemnation and impurity.
  • Wagner, the last of the great German composers, cannot find words too scathing and bitter to mark his condemnation of Meyerbeer.
  • With a people who are such consummate actors she was driven into simulation herself, and paraded sentiments of displeasure and condemnation when her very heart was bursting with pity and compassion.

Definition of Condemnation

The act of condemning or pronouncing to be wrong | The act of judicially condemning, or adjudging guilty, unfit for use, or forfeited; the act of dooming to punishment or forfeiture. | The state of being condemned.

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