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  • Are they condemned at all?
  • Banfi was condemned to death.
  • You have condemned me without a hearing.
  • In what a world we are condemned to live!
  • It is a thing to be condemned from Christian pulpits.
  • The senior day-room to a man condemned Sheen.
  • He was tried, convicted and condemned to degradation and death.
  • Again, the scheme of Edwards is condemned out of his own mouth.
  • The condemned man had asked that I might visit him in his prison.

How To Use Condemned In A Sentence?

  • There are pleasures which are in themselves unlawful, and which are condemned by the divine law.
  • This is still a common practice, and should be condemned as being both wasteful and harmful.
  • The one would justly be sharply chastised; the other might as justly be condemned to death.
  • Surely, they were proof of fidelity, of affection, and in his heart he had condemned her.
  • And there were tears in the eyes of the Judge, who had just condemned a man to death!
  • But are they condemned with the same zeal as Mr. Burke and his book are condemned?
  • Thou doomed to die and I condemned to live, Both doomed for ever to be severed so!
  • Every present system always HAS stood condemned in the minds of intelligent men.
  • I was much disappointed that you would not come with me, and condemned me to that solitary walk.
  • As it afterwards proved, they would have acted more wisely had they condemned him to perpetual imprisonment.
  • It would mean setting up as a principle an abuse already condemned in our ancient crumbling society.
  • If a few of them concur in one solution, this is condemned by others, and not unfrequently by the very authors of the solution itself.
  • But neither in this painful ordeal nor at any time afterward, did the condemned marshal show any sign of weakness.
  • Another alternative is that of Buddhism where in default of such a doctrine man is condemned to subside into intellectual apathy.
  • Among those unfortunate persons who were condemned to be food for the serpents was the son of a blacksmith named Gavah.
  • He was condemned to die; but, in consideration of the disclosures he had made, his sentence was commuted to perpetual transportation.
  • Others insisted, that unbaptized infants would be condemned to become philosophers, and turn out the authors of great discoveries.
  • His appearance commanded respect and it excited the sympathy even of those who had condemned his abandonment of the Union in 1861.
  • The books thus condemned and thus recovered supply us with our knowledge of ancient China and of its religion.
  • It would be a hard fate for such an author to be condemned to read his own productions, for he would never get time to read any thing else.
  • The frictional tone is chiefly due to that general attitude of blame which I have already condemned as being absurd and unjustifiable.
  • Some condoned the first offence, others pardoned the second, which was considered a weakness, and all universally condemned the last!
  • And so, as the kindest people do, they condemned her to ease, to rest of body, to wearing trouble of mind.
  • Some of these paid for their efforts with their lives, being taken and condemned by court-martial by order of the commander of the Cuban forces.
  • Daniel condemned the king for his iniquities, and declared that his kingdom should be divided by the Medes and Persians.
  • Toadying is not in his lexicon, and aggressively pro-American ambassadors are condemned in advance to be disliked in Germany.
  • If it did, I should deserve to be condemned to that matrimonial limbo my father and his frigid Venus are so pitiably bound in.
  • I did know something about his intentions; but as he had denied the charge, it was not to be expected that he should be condemned by the mouth of his only sister.
  • On the day before, the Friday, the unhappy wretch, although he was accustomed to poverty, felt like a man condemned to death.
  • If the army was not to be condemned to inglorious impotence or annihilation, it had to be provided forthwith with high-explosive ammunition on an immense and unceasing scale.
  • I am really in despair at being condemned by my defective hearing to pass the greater part of my life with this most odious class of people, and to be in some degree dependent on them.

Definition of Condemned

Having received a curse to be doomed to suffer eternally. | Having been sharply scolded. | Adjudged or sentenced to punishment, destruction, or confiscation.
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