Conditioning In A Sentence

Definition of Conditioning

present participle of condition | The process of modifying a person or animal's behaviour. | Any preparation or training, especially athletic training of the body.

How To Use Conditioning In A Sentence?

  • Form he knew not, had never seen, and that is also his second conditioning weakness as an artist.
  • It was October, for chrissakes, and a lifetime of conditioning told me that it was May.
  • Things here are rigidly scheduled, and you will learn the routines as the conditioning bells acquaint you with them.
  • By conditioning their methods on the observations of inaccurate writers they were able to progress only so far as these observations went.
  • But the example of the mirror shows us that the situation may be one of the passive conditioning events.
  • For example, the atmosphere causes the events which are its situations to be active conditioning events in the transmission of sound.
  • Dillon sent out a rush request for air conditioning equipment, omitted, by some mistake, from the supplies.
  • The answer to such a challenge might easily mean the destruction of all he had built up, the heavy conditioning of his future which now promised so abundantly.
  • Dan had turned down the air conditioning an hour before the meeting and closed up all the windows, so that the room was a kiln for hard-firing irritation into rage.
  • The characters of the conditioning events involved in the ingression of a sense-object into nature can be largely expressed in terms of the physical objects which are situated in those events.
  • In general the situation is an active conditioning event; namely the coat itself, when there is no mirror or other such contrivance to produce abnormal effects.
  • Memory up to the time of the last conditioning can be restored by replay of a mindscan tape made then, and memory after the conditioning is triggered is retained; the interval between is lost.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Conditioning | Conditioning Sentence

  • The passive conditioning events are the events of the rest of nature.

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