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  • Jane called her mother, and they condoled with Ann Lizy.
  • Of course, the household knew every thing; but nobody condoled with Elizabeth.

How To Use Condoled In A Sentence?

  • The other girls condoled with her, all but the big girl who had given the warning.
  • She condoled with him as they drove to Bridport, but he was impatient of sympathy.
  • He showed no readiness to talk, and his father presently condoled with him on his lowness of spirits.
  • In the sweetest accents they condoled me on my misfortune, and offered every assistance and consolation in their power.
  • As he neared the scene of action, the tired man condoled with himself over the untimely excitement that awaited him.
  • They condoled with him, and made horrified gestures of ill-disguised glee when they thought his attention was elsewhere.
  • But as he did not happen to look quite so well this time, she condoled and wormed the reason out of Peter.
  • A number of us visited Vivian at his quarters as soon as we could obtain leave, and condoled with him over his wound.
  • And, reader, when you buried your loved one, kind friends condoled with you, and in some degree assuaged your grief.
  • Any one who did not know Hal Harling was either to be scorned or condoled with, as the case might be.
  • Mrs. Alexander showed her disappointment at this unexpected action of her charming Count and refused to be condoled by anyone else.
  • Somehow, the men seemed to understand better than the women just how she felt: that she would rather be let alone, now it was all over, than condoled with and pitied.

Definition of Condoled

simple past tense and past participle of condole

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