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  • The hour was conducive to exaggerations.
  • Feather-beds are not conducive to the health of either sex.
  • The situation was conducive to humor rather than anger.
  • Though conducive unto Quiet I prefer another Diet!
  • The latter is in the end more conducive to self-interest than the former.
  • Its title is conducive to its perusing, and its reading to anticipation.
  • A strong mental impression carried into sleep is conducive to impressibility.
  • The atmosphere of Gophertown was not conducive to long life.
  • It was not conducive to comfort and Andrew McLean was not comfortable.

How To Use Conducive In A Sentence?

  • And he could justify whatever was most conducive to his comfort and his inclination.
  • That posture at least would be most conducive to the continued motion of the heart.
  • Its title is conducive to its perusing, and its reading to anticipation.
  • Vocal culture is conducive to health, and aids in gaining command of the nerves and muscles.
  • Why, he asked himself, were conditions in the bank conducive to such a state of affairs?
  • Disease, by weakening the physical powers, is often conducive to a wonderful sensitiveness.
  • We, verily, have forbidden you lechery, and not that which is conducive to fidelity.
  • His recollections of Sheen were not conducive to a picture of him as a public-school boxer.
  • The one thing we guard most zealously is the quiet, the calm, conducive to work.
  • It is Our hope that they will arise to achieve what will be conducive to the well-being of man.
  • Moderate exercise in the open air is proper and conducive to health during the whole period of pregnancy.
  • The latter are right in saying that such general allusions to super-physical beings are not at all conducive to an understanding of facts.
  • This is neither so difficult nor so conducive of friction as might seem, since the property is very undiversified.
  • Too close proximity is not conducive to tranquility on the part of the singer, and also spoils the tone effect.
  • Its opaque and image-heavy interfaces made it increasingly one-way and read-only, more conducive to commerce than communication.
  • This performance, while highly creditable to his energy as a hunter, was by no means conducive to his success, as a cook.
  • Galleries, baths, a theatre, every thing conducive to a pleasurable existence, will be found in it.
  • Religion becomes the cause of love in human hearts, for religion is a divine foundation, the foundation ever conducive to life.
  • It is extremely doubtful whether the presence of a highly organised Church is conducive to moral and social reform in a country.
  • A simple life has its advantages; it is conducive to self-help, also to the ability to do without things and meet emergencies without unhappiness.
  • With her, the question was not one of dogma, but concerned, instead, the religion which she considered most conducive to progress and reform.
  • The climate of the country, despite the moisture, is one conducive to good health, owing to the absence of any extreme vicissitudes.
  • These last are conducive to the quickest end of the war; they are, if you consider matters carefully, the most humane methods....
  • They are also conducive towards the calm and undisturbed state in which the soul is better fitted for the arduous task of constant meditation.
  • The circumstances were eminently conducive to the felicity which is derivable from repose, and thus admirably suited to the tastes of La Certe.
  • Briefly, in every instance He hath stated that which is conducive to the conversion, the advancement, the exaltation, and the guidance of men.
  • I hope you will excuse my freedom in mentioning these things, as the health of the men is as conducive to the interests of the empire as are the ships of war themselves.
  • Or is there for the young and struggling mind anything better, or more conducive to culture, than to exercise the intelligence in problems of investigation?
  • This arrangement was not conducive to the interests of the rum traders, who had been in the habit of purchasing grain and compelling the growers to accept spirits in payment for it.
  • Now do you think that the marble clouds and the marble fluttering drapery would be conducive to the beauty of the group, to the perfection of visible forms?
  • Originating in the primary necessities of things, it is the development of these into a series of limitations within which all conduct conducive to the greatest happiness must be confined.

Definition of Conducive

Tending to contribute to, encourage, or bring about some result.
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