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  • Let me conduct you in!
  • How is this strange conduct to be explained?
  • My conduct I can fully justify.
  • Geta, conduct me in to Sostrata.
  • Then, I only had his past conduct and his letter to go by.
  • Can you get me a guide, friend, to conduct me to Penzance?
  • No conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman about these premises.
  • The man's conduct was a hurt and an affront to all of them.
  • You haven't any conduct in your drink like other folk.
  • Each waiter took him by an arm and faced him about to conduct him away.
  • My brother's conduct is quite worthy of him.
  • The countenance and conduct of this young man dwelt upon my mind.
  • As with the others, this conduct of their visitor jarred on the manager.
  • He was to conduct us back to Chinon by the best and safest routes.

How To Use Conduct In A Sentence?

  • The only possible answer to this extraordinary conduct was a declaration of war.
  • The strangeness of his conduct and of his looks occasioned much speculation and remark.
  • He called his housekeeper and gave her charge to conduct the gentlemen singly to the chamber.
  • Your conduct for the last twelve months absolves me from any tie there may be between us.
  • He was not merely acquitted of neglect, but his conduct was extolled by a court of inquiry.
  • Besides, the conduct of the chief towards me made me feel certain of speedy deliverance.
  • In the interval the conduct of the council of Sens had been imitated in other provinces.
  • I know that I have no right to turn inquisitor as regards your conduct and actions in general.
  • He told me I might conduct her into a thicket at some distance, and he relied upon my promise.
  • Mr. Appel volunteered to conduct Mr. Budlong to the spot as soon as they were finished eating.
  • The captain moved to conduct Marguerite across, but she drew back and clung to Mr. Raleigh.
  • Language fails to convey censure adequate to the gross vulgarity and ungentlemanly conduct of the accused.
  • You are sure to meet with a welcome, and to be trusted; your conduct must justify that welcome and that trust.
  • There was too much at stake, and though her philosophy was fearless, her conduct had never been anything but conventional.
  • From this you will at once plainly perceive your line of conduct towards Carl's mother.
  • The business of the general chapter was to inquire into the conduct and proceedings of the different Fehm-courts.
  • The hardship of such a conclusion would be still more apparent in regard to the conduct of a man whose general character is well known to be good.
  • His conception of perfect conduct is industrious persistence along the worn-down, well-marked grooves of the great recorded days.
  • And yet my brother don't accord in this, Nor do these notions nor this conduct please him.
  • He would conduct us with careful supervision from the camp to the city, and there let us loose for two hours to play in the bazaar.
  • You had better not come next Sunday, for true harmony and concord can never exist with conduct such as yours.
  • The shadowy answer varied with my health, varied with my mood and the conduct of the people I was watching.
  • Mean and despicable as your conduct has been, I take some blame to myself, for not having seen that your tutor did his duty by you.
  • His conduct in the retreat from the castle of Cracow, in 1772, elevated his character for dexterity and courage.
  • Having no money by him at the moment, he had sent a note for the amount, payable to whomever should conduct me safe and sound to Rome.
  • He laid before Ferdy, with a power which the latter could not but acknowledge, the selfishness and brutality of his conduct since he was a boy.

Definition of Conduct

(archaic, transitive) To lead, or guide; to escort. | (transitive) To lead; to direct; to manage | (transitive) (reflexively to conduct oneself) To behave.
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