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  • The conductor frowned.
  • Half an hour later the conductor approached them.
  • The conductor was a man of wide experience on the railroad.
  • If you gave the conductor more, he would hand you change.
  • The conductor was Nikisch.
  • The conductor rang the bell angrily, and the car went on.
  • By the time the horses were loaded the conductor had orders.
  • He led the conductor down the track where they had walked in the morning.
  • The conductor was the first to gather his scattered faculties.
  • As a conductor of heat and electrical energy it is second only to silver.
  • The conductor looked over his shoulder, and slightly shook his head.
  • The latter's conductor is fine iron wire in a vacuum.
  • In those days a railroad conductor was something of an uncrowned king, anyway.
  • The capacity of a conductor depends, among other things, on its area.
  • When he left Norwood, Mr. Hine became a conductor upon the main line.

How To Use Conductor In A Sentence?

  • The conductor and crew of the local freight were lounging comfortably in the caboose.
  • How does a conductor behave in connection with direct current and how with alternating current?
  • I was very thankful for the accident which, the conductor said, had delayed the train.
  • A conductor shouted for fares, with the light of the public-house lamps on his open mouth.
  • Up to that time it had been no sinecure, being a conductor or a trainman on the old Rome road.
  • The outer shell, of course, forms the other conductor of the plug, called the sleeve contact.
  • A lantern was burning here, and I saw, by its light, that my conductor was an officer.
  • In this family it has been possible to keep it up in this country because the hours for a street-car conductor can be arranged to allow it.
  • Sugar, on the other hand, does not dissociate and its solution is not a conductor of the electric current.
  • Practical results have been secured in increasing the distributed inductance by wrapping fine iron wire over each conductor of the line.
  • The conductor was courteous enough to see them to a taxicab, which soon whirled them across the city.
  • The courtesy of the ticket-agent, the friendliness of the conductor are the reflection of the courtesy and the friendliness of the men above him.
  • As the violinist turned to the conductor he faced slightly to the left and in a direct line with the second proscenium box.
  • This results in the close electrical contact between the sleeve conductor of the cord and the inner metal surface of the shank of the plug.
  • It surpasses all other metals as a conductor of heat and electricity, but is too costly to find extensive use for such purposes.
  • The motorman and conductor were well protected from the cold and from slipping, too, with heavy overcoats and arctic shoes.
  • Only one metal surpasses it in any quality for the purpose: silver is a better conductor by 1 or 2 per cent.
  • Gold is a very heavy bright yellow metal, exceedingly malleable and ductile, and a good conductor of electricity.
  • The engineer and fireman sprang from their cab, conductor and trainmen came running up, and the passengers swarmed from the cars.
  • The other conductor is of copper tinsel, not insulated, and this is laid parallel to the thrice insulated conductor already described.
  • After the concert, which Andre conducted, and at which all the prodigies assisted, the conductor read us a letter.
  • The conductor said he paid double to Chicago to get that compartment, and he's only goin' out in the desert a little ways.
  • The design or selection of resistance devices for various purposes frequently involves the consideration of the effect of temperature on the resistance of the conductor employed.
  • The greater the current or the greater the resistance of the conductor heated or the longer the time, the greater will he the heat generated in that conductor.
  • It is found that the ability of a given charged conductor to induce charges on other neighboring conductors varies largely with the insulating medium or dielectric that separates them.

Definition of Conductor

One who conducts or leads; a guide; a director. | (music) A person who conducts an orchestra, choir or other music ensemble; a professional whose occupation is conducting. | A person who takes tickets on public transportation and also helps passengers
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