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  • The present cone did not exist.
  • This cone is revolving at a terrific speed.
  • A cone in the cochlea around which the membranes wind.
  • Mr. Cone knew it was coming.
  • Mr. Cone replied with polite interest.
  • Mr. Cone finally managed to ask hoarsely.
  • Mr. Cone was puzzled, and said so.
  • Mr. Cone pleaded, looking from one to the other.
  • As Mr. Cone passed the pen for her to register.
  • I am sorry poor Mrs. Cone lost her baby.
  • Quaking, Mr. Cone stepped forward briskly and apologized.
  • At the tip of the inner cone the conditions are quite different.
  • So the base of any branch is a cone quite buried in the parent stem.
  • After two or three hours we reached the bottom of the cone of rocks and ashes.
  • Mr. Cone had heard it more times than he had fingers and toes.
  • Ruin confronted Mr. Cone as he argued and begged them not to act hastily.
  • Mr. Cone knew what Mr. Budlong's remark portended.

How To Use Cone In A Sentence?

  • Jerry was a former bartender who had been pining away in the ice-cream cone business.
  • The region of combustion just outside the inner cone is therefore the hottest part of the flame.
  • The upper rim of the cone was made of tin to strengthen it, and the sides were of cloth.
  • The lower part of the inner cone of the flame is quite cool and consists of unburned gas.
  • The running head has one cone pulley connected by suitable gearing to three face plates.
  • Directly in the path rises the sharp cone of Vico Alvano, precipitous and rugged.
  • The cone rose again into the air and a soft, sibilant voice addressed Mrs. Lambert.
  • Mr. Cone stood at his desk, looking all of ten years younger for his rest at the Sanatorium.
  • Not until then had Mr. Cone observed the Montana diamond flashing on her finger.
  • The Wahumba live in plastered (cow-dung) cone huts, shaped like the tartar tents of Turkestan.
  • The reflecting cone supplied with each camera distributes the light evenly over the entire surface of the negative.
  • I invited them to call on me at the hotel, if they should cone to the village within two or three days.
  • Toward the top of the inner cone the gas has become heated to a high temperature by the burning envelope surrounding it.
  • The celestial earth is flat but progresses upwards to its central point, the cone of aspiration and song.
  • This little cone increased in size as well as in activity until it filled the crater and rose four or five metres above the brim.
  • She stood a space looking at that little cone of brightness far above all the other trees, swaying on the delicate sky.
  • When he had about as much heaped up as would stay on, he put his hands on the side of the cone opposite himself and gently pulled it toward him.
  • The Moon's obscurity is complete if she is entirely plunged into the cone of shadow.
  • Beneath the moon and the horizon, the commencement of its track of brightness, there was a cone of blackness, or of very black blue.
  • The whole of the great cone rent itself from top to bottom with an appalling crash, casting out a huge stream of fiery lava.
  • This cone hangs suspended from a strong stem, upon which a leaf unfolds, displaying a cluster of young fruit.
  • Before again issuing from it, this spiral runs into a small cone with a concave base, that is turned downward in the shape of a spherical cap.
  • For a moment it seemed to die down, then suddenly the big black pan seemed held aloft by a solid cone of yellow flame.

Definition of Cone

(pottery) To fashion into the shape of a cone. | (frequently followed by "off") To segregate or delineate an area using traffic cones | (geometry) A surface of revolution formed by rotating a segment of a line around another line that intersects the first line.
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