Conferred in a sentence

Definition of Conferred

simple past tense and past participle of confer

How to use Conferred in a Sentence?

  • It was conferred by the laying on of the hands of the apostles through all their lives.

Short Example Sentence for Conferred

  • Who conferred these degrees?
  • They conferred in a murmur.
  • Again the magistrates conferred together.
  • How is this power conferred upon him?
  • On the fifteenth he conferred with his generals.
  • How is sensibility conferred on this organ?
  • Usha is impatient for the boon conferred by the goddess.
  • The question was about an office to be conferred upon him.
  • Then they conferred together for a short time.
  • The three at the table conferred for a moment.
  • Popes conferred upon them exceptional privileges.
  • He conferred pardon on a fellow-sufferer.
  • It must be conferred by popular election.
  • One remarkable power was conferred upon them.
  • A rank or grade conferred by a university on her members.
  • They saw the degree conferred and the diploma given.
  • For a moment the two men conferred eagerly.
  • I heartily thank you for the honor conferred upon me.
  • Benefits conferred on the base, 61.
  • They conferred no peace; they produced no holiness.
  • The three men conferred together for a minute or two.
  • The power thus conferred is limited to opposing bills.
  • This benefit our author has certainly conferred upon us.
  • In it, also, are conferred the ordinary degrees.
  • The Corporal conferred with his men.
  • The Honours conferred upon him.
  • Marshall and Middleton conferred briefly.
  • Mr. Wickersham conferred with his son.
  • The Tsar and he conferred for a quarter of an hour.
  • Birmingham, who conferred it upon Deritend chapel.
  • I. Spiritual gifts conferred on individuals.
  • This time, Eemakh conferred with the high priest.
  • Frank named Harry, and the seconds conferred together.
  • Mr. Watson and Levi conferred together as they walked home.
  • This was conferred by Eugenius IV.
  • Again Mr. Braden conferred with Parks.
  • Mohammed himself conferred with the wisest of his companions.
  • He was realizing more and more the immense advantages conferred by wealth.
  • But with all the honour conferred upon him the prince was not happy.