Confessed In A Sentence

Definition of Confessed

Which one admits or avows. | simple past tense and past participle of confess

How To Use Confessed In A Sentence?

  • But he confessed that for years and years he had been in love with that cabinet.
  • But she confessed to myself only the other day that she suffered from a sense of unreality.
  • There were even people who confessed that the war was beginning to "bore" them.
  • Jonah looked longingly, and confessed that he wanted to stock his shop, but had no money to buy.
  • He smiled blandly, in exquisite relief, as if he had confessed a sin or had a tooth drawn.
  • Lloyd stated with certainty, but lost his countenance when Brook confessed to him.
  • Well! it must be confessed that Sacha had emerged but poorly from her process of assessment.
  • In trading remarks concerning our ages I confessed to forty-two and Hay to forty.
  • But, as he afterward confessed to Tom and Dick, he now felt for the first time like running away.
  • At Nimes, in November, 1307, forty-five knights confessed the guilt of the order.
  • Most of the women confessed to being equally at sea with regard to their children's amusements.
  • The professor confessed in a jocular tone his impatience to complete the circuit of the globe and be done with it.
  • The order however succeeded here again in detecting and exposing his arts, and the count honestly confessed that he had been deceived by him.
  • He seems to be giving us the best that he had to give; and it must be confessed that he is intolerably flat at times.
  • He had been travelling from early morning on cross-country lines and after we got on terms a little confessed to being very hungry and cold.
  • There he opened his whole heart to her, and confessed the depth of his attachment to her whose life he had so gallantly saved.
  • After much urging he at last confessed that he had been seriously disturbed in mind by a man who had kept him close company all the way home.
  • Full one half of her massive figure stood confessed to sight, without a single particle of drapery.
  • The commonly received systems of theology are, it is confessed by their advocates, attended with manifold inconveniences and difficulties.
  • You were no longer considered "bad form" if you went straight home from the theater, and confessed why.
  • Then Pearl confessed that all she had told them was false; and at once the necklace changed to its right size.
  • Her hands were clasped around her knees and she stared out over the dusky garden, wide-eyed, and it must be confessed a little obstinate.
  • Her dress was of white and violet, the last trace of mourning for her mother, and confessed the gracious droop of her tall and slender body.
  • The accused were tortured till they confessed their guilt, so that they might lose not only life upon earth, but also hope for eternity.
  • He confessed to Lloyd that this wasn't really his own line and that he didn't know from where his line actually stemmed.
  • He confessed it as I stood on the step above him to-night, after he had taken his own good night from me out under the oak-tree.
  • When taken and stretched on the rack, they confessed that they had been employed by the King of England.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Confessed | Confessed Sentence

  • Because she confessed to it being that?
  • He readily confessed all he knew.
  • All alike confessed the unhappiness of their career.
  • Some of these he confessed to his intimates in Watertown.
  • I confessed that I knew very little of them.
  • Pierre de Conders had confessed at the sight of the rack.
  • But remember, I have confessed to nothing.
  • It was also confessed that an idol was adored in their chapters.
  • I think it most likely that I have never confessed until now.
  • The Doctor confessed that in Burke he had a foeman worthy of his steel.
  • It must be confessed that he felt none too kindly towards Grandfather Mole.
  • He confessed this--to himself.
  • We confessed shyly to one another a common secret vice, "Phantom warfare.

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