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  • Even to her own soul she confesses so much.
  • Duret confesses to having obtained one for eighty francs.
  • She confesses everything to her parents, and is forgiven.
  • The Friar confesses that it was he who married them.
  • Ancelot confesses to having "studied narrowly" all Mme.
  • Caiphas angry that Christ confesses He is the Christ.
  • He likewise confesses to the usual strawberry-mark in fast colours.
  • He, however, frankly confesses that he failed in his object.
  • Now, cards make up a commerce wherein the West confesses an interest.
  • He confesses to have received, and when he glorieth, in the Lord he glorieth.
  • Ma'aruf, however, confesses everything to Dunya.

How To Use Confesses In A Sentence?

  • There is nothing that puzzles one more in a friend than if he confesses to a taste for parsnips.
  • For obviously a man ought to confess himself crazy before he confesses himself heretical.
  • It is not every girl that can marry the man whom she first confesses that she loves.
  • Escosura confesses himself reduced to conjecture, and thus theorises on the subject.
  • Ortruda breaks through the crowd, and in malicious triumph confesses her crime.
  • He can find no answer, and confesses his belief that no answer is to be found by human effort.
  • The printer, although he confesses their merit, feels that the poet should bear the cost.
  • Even Cotton could hardly have prevented it, and he confesses that he approved the sentence.
  • The Norwegian Synod, which confesses the same faith, also has several educational institutions.
  • The first characteristic of a genuine literary man is the frankness with which he confesses his ignorance.
  • The present writer confesses in all humility that he has not the least idea as to what the eloquent gentleman meant.
  • Since this man knows where it is, he thereby confesses that it was upon it that the money was counted.
  • And yet the author confesses that it is as difficult to define their nature as are the eight impossible things which are recounted there.
  • He is a man of genius in the black humility with which he confesses strength and weakness through the figures of men and women.
  • It is a noble faculty so long as it confesses its own ideality; when it ceases to confess this, it is insanity.
  • He visits the opera and gives it his frank approval, but confesses a preference for the old plantation-melodies.
  • He is better content to want diligence than power, and sooner confesses the depravity of his will than the imbecility of his nature.
  • His faith in the good does not fail, but it is the faith of one who confesses to ignorance, and links himself to his finitude.
  • The loser disguises himself as a priest and confesses the princess when she is ill, and makes her give back the objects she has won or stolen.
  • A friend of ours, who accepts the new doctrine, confesses that for a long while a cold chill came over him whenever he thought of the eye.
  • Cotton confesses to having had further conversation of a nature unfavorable to Williams, but he is able to deny that he counseled his banishment.
  • It resulted in the success of the Confederates; but every impartial man confesses that these cavalry fights are miserable affairs.
  • The average mortal confesses to a craving for the stimulus of great shows, of material purposes, substantial objects of study and palpable prizes.
  • May it please God that my design, which confesses itself debtor to all, may now find a proper medium.
  • Thus Hindman confesses he was encouraging the bloody guerrilla warfare which raged throughout the State.
  • So strong were his old Flibustier habits upon him, that he confesses it with reluctance he attacked any vessel not a Spaniard.
  • How different the Chinaman, who confesses few people his superior, and none of any race beyond the borders of China!
  • She asks her mother-in-law who has died, and the old woman at last confesses that the Seigneur of Nann has just been buried.
  • Renoux was beside her, very deferential and graceful in his attendance, and with that niceness of attitude which confesses respect in every movement.

Definition of Confesses

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of confess
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