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  • The confessional is a school of perdition.
  • Agnes left the confessional perplexed and sorrowful.
  • I left the confessional irritated and confused.
  • The confessional must especially be a perilous rock for them.
  • The confessional is just as the spider's web.
  • Three bodies were found in a confessional of one of the fallen churches.
  • The words from Willis' confessional came floating to our minds.

How To Use Confessional In A Sentence?

  • Majority rule is meaningless where the confessional dominates the consciences of men.
  • You are all old enough in the confessional to know the miseries of poor human nature.
  • Mademoiselle ceased to be devote, and did not come near the church or the confessional again.
  • Surely it must have been learned in the parochial school, the confessional or the convent.
  • Though in the confessional my uncle is a priest, he never is one in a drawing-room.
  • I was degraded and polluted by the confessional just as you and all the priests of Rome are.
  • I dare not urge her too forcibly, fearing to break the spell of her confessional mood.
  • His eyes were a curious droll confessional that Brian seemed at once to understand.
  • La Pigoreau remained in a confessional during the ceremony, and gave the man ten sou.
  • The confessional is the modern Jericho, which proudly and defiantly dares the children of God!
  • The Lutheran Church has received this statement of Luther into her confessional writings.
  • All that is most abominable in the confessional has been with unsparing and irreverent indelicacy forced before the public mind.
  • I had learned that the reverend mother superior was the same over us in the convent as the priest in the confessional and church.
  • With the rapidity of lightning the abductor carried the countess into an open chapel and seated her behind the confessional on a wooden bench.
  • She did not know the terrible secret of the confessional as they knew it who had been born to the Faith.
  • For all those years he had occupied, day after day, the solitude of a little confessional in the chapel.
  • They knew that in spite of it foreign society was lax; that the discipline of the confessional was often exercised with a light rein.
  • Have I not repaired to the confessional and heard confessions with the intention of gratifying my evil passions?
  • Some of them seemed thoughtful, sad and shameful: but several laughed heartily at what they had learned in the confessional box.
  • The confessional was never without royal and noble solicitors of monthly, or, at the furthest, quarterly absolution.
  • You have heard in the confessional the history of many great sins, but I know that this is not what troubles you.
  • How they settled this in the confessional I do not know, possibly it was a trifle they did not consider worth troubling the priest with.
  • For I never come away from that awful and sacred duty of the confessional without a sense of the deepest humiliation.
  • The confessional is perhaps the secret of the hold the oldest of Christian churches keeps upon a world which would seem to have outgrown it.
  • Yes, the confessional is a veritable tomb of human conscience, a sepulchre of human honesty, dignity and liberty; the grave-yard of human soul!
  • Before entering the ring a bull-fighter repairs to the chapel or confessional to be prepared for death should the merciless horns chance to reach his life.
  • In the midst of all this, at last we are informed that the confessional is at work again; whereupon astonishment and indignation are loudly expressed.
  • The confessional box is a trap for the convent, and after the poor girls are once there they are shackled more than ever in the faith of the religion by the priest in the confessional.
  • It had too often occurred that ladies in the confessional had made him the confidant of their affection for himself, and had made the chaste blood mount to his cheeks for shame.
  • Through the confessional he learned how the common people viewed the indulgences: they actually believed that by buying indulgences they were freed from all the guilt and punishment of their sins.
  • And let me say that when you do, if there is any manhood in you, the confessional in the Roman Catholic Church will cease.
  • As soon as she had taken her seat by the confessional chair, she made a confession of a hundred little nothings, and having finished her catalogue, stopped as if waiting for absolution.

Definition of Confessional

In the manner or style of a confession. | Officially practicing a particular religion, as a state or organization. See confessionalism 1. | (Roman Catholic church) A small room where confession—the sacrament of reconciliation—is performed by a priest.
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