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  • Your master confides in you?
  • She confides in (to) her sister.
  • Blessed is the man who confides in the Lord!
  • Father never confides any secrets to me," she replied.
  • Thy king confides in thee, since in the ship's fair prow he grants thee place.

How To Use Confides In A Sentence?

  • Pump confides all his troubles to the chargeman and sheds a few tears now and then.
  • A merchant confides to a neighbor some iron scales or balances for safe-keeping.
  • Wortley has been won by my behaviour, and confides in my integrity now as much as he formerly suspected it.
  • He may explain it; at all events, if he confides to you the name of that robber, send the man to me.
  • When a man has laid a plot like that du Tillet was scheming against Nathan, he confides it to no man.
  • A woman who has never had a suspicion of difference with her relations-in-law, confides to me of the course she has pursued throughout her married life.
  • This material is regarded in much the same light as the sperm which the male parent confides to the keeping of the female, according to the notion of the ancient world above referred to.
  • He had promised only to reveal it "in the service of his king;" and believing it for his service that it should live, he confides it to the young chief.
  • It is to the trust of the college-bred man that the peace movement confides its future, and modern education assumes no greater responsibility than the training of the new world-citizen.
  • She ran upstairs, the glory of her rain-soaked hair in tumbled disorder, and in her room broke into the open speech which passion confides to the priest solitude.

Definition of Confides

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of confide
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