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  • There is no calaboose in which to confine you.
  • Vermeer did not confine himself to landscape.
  • I heare confine all hatred.
  • Mabel will confine her ambition to orchids and literature.
  • Burton did not confine himself to Santos, however.
  • In a cage confine her, Give her to their loved one.
  • Other correspondents did not confine their observations to supplication.
  • Let them confine themselves to truth, and say what they will.
  • Not an attempt was made to confine the investigation to the technical trial.
  • Do we do well to confine our religious life to these ancient conceptions?
  • We must confine the forces in order to prevent every displacement.
  • He had two long poles or sticks of wood brought in to confine us to.
  • He wished to confine himself to facts, however, which not all journalists do.
  • But I confine them at present chiefly to committing to memory the fables.
  • It might, for instance, confine the actual granting of a loan to Convocation.
  • Villaggio al confine dello Stato Pontificio verso la Toscana.
  • Thanks: henceforth in renting a house I'll confine myself to haunted houses.

How To Use Confine In A Sentence?

  • I hate with a deep-seated hatred all such attempts to bind and confine the rising tide of thought.
  • But the Irish scholars and missionaries did not confine themselves to their own country.
  • What was it to him if I chose to confine my attentions to my undoubtedly pretty neighbour?
  • England was compelled in that case to confine itself to the protection of its "Basuto" tools.
  • The Imperial Council did not confine itself, either, to criticism of what had happened.
  • We confine ourselves to replying that we are not the upholders of any particular method of organization.
  • I could not but laugh at his folly in thinking to confine a live boy of sixteen in the chamber of a cottage.
  • Besides, even if it were desired, it would be impossible to confine the change to a partial expropriation.
  • At length it became necessary to confine him in a private asylum, where he was visited by his friends when his condition permitted it.
  • Many a woman thinks she dresses loosely, because, when she stands up, her clothing does not confine her chest.
  • I must confine myself, of course, in such sketches, to the mere sentiment of things that concern general literature and ourselves.
  • It might confine her to a chair and render her dependent upon the service of others, but over it, also, was she spiritual victor.
  • If the board tends to move, it may do so; the index does not confine it; and if the table tends to move, there is no reason why it should not.
  • A German factory will turn out scores of patterns where an English firm will confine itself to a few specialities.
  • And if we seek a law for the ellipse, or either of the conic sections, which shall confine our attention to the plane, the laws remain simple.
  • We may assume that the teachings of the latter are universally known, and shall, accordingly, confine ourselves to Luther.
  • I realized then, more keenly than ever, that I must preserve the proprieties, and confine myself to the restrictions of polite society.
  • It would be an inexcusable narrowness to confine that chapter of applied psychology which is to deal with the psychomedical problems to the work of psychotherapy.
  • We confine ourselves carefully to those perhaps trivial experiences which daily enter into the view of those who come in contact with suffering mankind.
  • If the cure results from the inner value of the religion how can we confine it to the so-called functional diseases and abstain from any hope in organic diseases?
  • I suggest that we confine ourselves, at the beginning, to the question of the dismissal of these men, Burris and Koffler.
  • The sense is the same as our expression "lay down," "lay down the law," &c., but we do not confine that to writing.
  • If we want to consider whether a certain variation of the personality demands curative treatment, we certainly cannot confine ourselves to the mental variations.

Definition of Confine

(transitive) To restrict; to keep within bounds; to shut or keep in a limited space or area. | To have a common boundary; to border; to lie contiguous; to touch; followed by on or with. | (chiefly in the plural) A boundary or limit.
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