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  • By now he was weary of his confinement aboard.
  • The soft padded confinement galled him.
  • What does solitary confinement in our prison mean?
  • After our confinement the fresh air acted like a charm.
  • The confinement to grounds told horribly upon his spirits.
  • Effect of School Confinement and Seats.
  • Pleasant during the confinement caused by the hot season.
  • But it is difficult to keep an adult in confinement in an ordinary house.
  • I cannot recall the first day of my confinement without a bitter smile.
  • After several weeks of confinement in prison, they were sent back to England.
  • I asked Major Gee if the rigor of our confinement would be in any way relaxed.

How To Use Confinement In A Sentence?

  • The frightful monotony of the long confinement does not obtrude itself in his book.
  • What renders solitary confinement so severe a punishment to the most daring minds?
  • There is nothing like solitary confinement to bring the transgressor to his right senses.
  • The regular hours and confinement seemed doubly irksome after the bohemian life on the road.
  • The snow is a faithful barometer, foretelling good sleighing or stark confinement to barracks.
  • But prejudice always confounded my story with those which most of my companions in confinement were eager to tell.
  • That was all the respite from their confinement which they enjoyed during the three weeks' voyage.
  • Solitary confinement increases his apprehension and discomfort and renders him more complacent about paying well for liberty.
  • The industrious mechanic and the studious minister suffer as surely from undue confinement as the improvident and indolent.
  • Cora was at once hustled to jail, not so much for confinement as for safety against a possible momentary public anger.
  • The long hours and the confinement of domestic service affected nerves adjusted to a legal fifty-eight-hour week.
  • Never accustomed to much paddling in any case, our own men had suffered from hunger and confinement in the reeking hot dhow.
  • The action was performed before the animal in every detail more than once, and it was kept in strict confinement until the right moment came.
  • The price of coal shows the narrowness of the coal-field, and a compulsory confinement of the miners to a certain district.
  • He was astounded, even alarmed, to find that his strength had been so gravely depleted by confinement and lack of nourishment.
  • The idea of confinement in such a place of imprisonment, perhaps perpetual, mingled the expectations of recovery with horror.
  • The amount of society available for his family is not usually great, and the dulness and confinement of farmhouse life need no description.
  • He felt that a man like that ought to be wiped off the face of the earth in some way, or placed in solitary confinement the rest of his life.
  • If necessary to compel them to acknowledge their maternal responsibilities, they are kept in solitary confinement two days, without food.
  • Of course, confinement to one position, for a great length of time, tends to weaken the muscles thus strained.
  • Guillaume de Haymes had not been tortured, but he had been kept a month in solitary confinement on bread and water before he made any confession.
  • The claims as presented were all rejected by the arbitrator, except the claim for injury to Pelletier personally by his confinement in prison.
  • Eagles are said to be very long lived; one died at Vienna that had lived in confinement more than one hundred years.
  • Ferrante died in confinement but Giulio, after fifty-three years spent in a dungeon of the castle, was finally released.
  • While Hassan lay in confinement at Damietta one of the towers of that city fell down without any apparent cause.
  • Because of that, and jealousy, they raised a clamor about our freedom to go anywhere within township limits as against their strict confinement to the camp.
  • During Theodore Hook's confinement in a sponging-house in London he was visited by an old friend.
  • Barely had the prisoners regained their place of confinement than the bulkhead door was shut, a slight yet distinctly perceptible list announcing that the submarine was diving.
  • By this confinement of all communication to the ruling faction, any combination, grounded on the abuses and discontents in one, scarcely can reach the other.

Definition of Confinement

the act of confining or the state of being confined | lying-in, time of giving birth
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