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  • Who on that conflagration gazed.
  • The roar of the conflagration was deafening.
  • A great conflagration was visible in the distance.
  • Next day a raging conflagration burst forth.
  • Rapine, murder, and conflagration by turns took place.
  • Perhaps this conflagration was intensified by the placidity of his gaze.
  • They did not blame her for the conflagration that her face had caused.
  • Upon this the conflagration advanced as relentlessly as fate.
  • More than a little of this conflagration the professor realized.
  • Soon they were at a spot where they could see the conflagration plainly.
  • The conflagration of a whole village would not have been half so costly.
  • Once we gained its crest the actual conflagration would be visible.
  • A conflagration might flare out at a moment's notice.
  • She could stand alone though the conflagration raged a century.
  • And when that conflagration was lighted in me about my debut, Tom did it.
  • Mr. Raleigh gazed after it as one watches the conflagration of a home.

How To Use Conflagration In A Sentence?

  • Before the conflagration was extinguished his own and four other houses were destroyed.
  • Bodies and souls innumerable are annually consumed in this conflagration of ribbons.
  • But it will be ended by a conflagration in which all things will return into the primal fire.
  • He had only to let them out to set up a conflagration which would extend over the whole country.
  • To what tremendous conflagration involving such a fearful loss of life does the title point?
  • This nearly resulted in a general conflagration that might have destroyed the whole establishment.
  • The conflagration in one town is felt in the neighboring towns, if it is not seen.
  • The extent of the conflagration was owing mainly to the want of water, the tide being down.
  • And yet, as this conflagration surged through him, it did not blind or excite him.
  • General conflagration may be produced by the decomposition of air or water, 321.
  • They were prepared of molten brass, the better to withstand conflagration or inundation.
  • The world forms itself out of fire, and by conflagration passes back to the primitive fire.
  • In a national conflagration we lose sight of laws, even of written constitutions.
  • It increased in fury and varied in direction, carrying the conflagration over new quarters.
  • The conflagration raged for six days, and reduced the greater part of the city to ashes.
  • The woods were set on fire, in the darkness, and conflagration painted fiery terrors on the sky.
  • Every quarter has its conflagration which walks apace; and in this gale hopeless to overcome....
  • And labour is furthered, as conflagration is, not so much by added fuel, as by admitted air.
  • As I turned to retrace my step the glare of the conflagration grew suddenly more and more intense.
  • The conflagration lasted about ten days, until almost the whole of Moscow was laid in ashes.
  • Every house, Ringrose says, was separately fired to render the conflagration complete.
  • Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, the conflagration was at last quenched by a fire engine.
  • As well might Napoleon have remained in Russia after the conflagration of Moscow.
  • In a few minutes the trees and undergrowth were lit up as though a mighty conflagration were devouring them.

Definition of Conflagration

A large fire extending to many objects, or over a large space; a general burning. | (figuratively) A large-scale conflict.
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