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  • Whence this conflict and strife?
  • To meet you in conflict and vanquish you here.
  • There is much conflict and much isolation.
  • They are beings of strain and conflict and competition.
  • They never conflict, and how legible they are.
  • But national self-consciousness is not developed by conflict and rivalry only.
  • The hot flush of conflict and the long anger of the years were on him.
  • Never was there so sore a conflict, and never so much joy as here.
  • Life is always a conflict, and it is of minor importance what the weapons are.
  • The scattered elements of truth cease to conflict, and begin to coalesce.
  • Joe was weary from his day's internal conflict and external toil.

How To Use Conflict And In A Sentence?

  • Who provoked the diplomatic conflict, and who would have benefited most by a diplomatic victory?
  • His father has a mental conflict, and he drinks so that he may get away from reality.
  • Austria had already declared her intention of renewing the conflict and so had Prussia.
  • My conflict and realisation of new desires had had, however, one salutary effect.
  • The prudent, when conflict and tumult are at hand, will usually side with the stronger combatant.
  • The Christian life is a conflict and a warfare, and the quicker we find it out the better.
  • There was this difference, however, between the Roman civil conflict and the American one.
  • He has been with us in every conflict, and shared with us the varied fortunes of the Harris Light.
  • Here Grace loved to sit and watch the conflict, and here she was when Tom Hobson rode by.
  • And then it sustains the believer in conflict and keeps him faithful in the days of declension and apostasy.
  • More saw this conflict and the implications of it with a kind of clarity that other men of his age hardly possessed.
  • Mutual conflict and contradiction appear as their sole constant factor amid all their variable conditions.
  • Then the hall was cleared of the traces of the conflict and hasty preparation was made for a splendid banquet.
  • This explains the bitterness of their attitude to him both during and after the conflict and the singular fear which his name inspired among them.
  • She cast back her mind with an effort and asked herself what the conflict and uncertainty of which she was dimly conscious, had been?
  • The superior powers were speedily assembled on the field of conflict; and the grounds of quarrel were investigated.
  • Help us to the discovery that all that lives is in like conflict, and that there can be no virtue and no glory except in overcoming.
  • The men were too intently engaged in listening to the din of the conflict, and watching the soldiers moving to and fro.
  • She was quivering in every nerve from the strain of so much conflict, and she was angry with herself for having taken so high a hand with him.
  • Then the sounds of conflict and carnage passed away, and left only the moans of the wounded near him to echo his own.
  • With a wisdom that amounted almost to genius she had brought her large family through many an appalling conflict and emerged victorious.
  • His public spirit was saturated with the sombre joys of conflict and the pleasant thought of condign punishment for all recalcitrant souls.
  • So my presentiment was verified; the pride of both had come in conflict, and the pride of neither had succumbed.
  • The whole great scheme with which he was ultimately brought in conflict, and which has finally killed him, represented the other.
  • Born for conflict and endurance, he seemed to have manfully accepted the sweet uses of adversity and grown the richer for his loss.
  • These creatures were afraid of battle, of conflict, and yet they had thrust themselves into a fight which they must lose.
  • For the moment they stood forth as representatives of a mighty conflict, and every breath hung upon their motions.
  • United we stand, divided we fall, mixed in the conflict and presently found himself in durance vile.
  • The struggle between poverty and the desire for better, is a bitter conflict, and such is the actual condition of this people.
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