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  • People cram their houses with respectable mobs; thus conforming to a ridiculous custom.
  • Boats not conforming to this rule are liable to be disqualified at the discretion of the umpire.
  • He permitted a plurality of wives, conforming in this point to the immemorial usage of the orientals.
  • The rim is serrated and painted black with a small line conforming to the black band immediately under it.
  • The common people are being driven to church at the sword's point, and conforming by shoals.
  • Our colleges easily conforming in their youthful and supple energy, have met the demands of the age.
  • It may indeed become so, when the consciousness that we are conforming to it becomes one of the factors of our own personal happiness.
  • It suggests the expediency of conforming man's condition to hers, instead of conforming hers to man's.
  • Men, he said, believed in the existence and energy of invisible powers, and in the duty of discovering and conforming to their will.
  • The god was not reluctant to grant the request made to him, and promised to fulfil it should he return, conforming his promise with an oath.
  • A philosophy, less systematic, by conforming itself to facts, carries through common sense to better results.
  • The thickness of the husk effectively concealed the true shape of the nut beneath; the thinnest husks most nearly conforming to the true nut shape.
  • Now, both these symptoms are in excess, and yet, by habit and some acquired power of conforming to them, I am scarcely aware of their existence.
  • Towns were fined and admonished for not conforming to this law; Concord, Massachusetts, was one of the number.
  • Dr. Zamenhof wisely lays down that they should undergo no change, beyond conforming to Esperanto orthography and its grammatical terminations.
  • Immediately behind the bridge rose a lofty tripod mast, its height being seemingly out of all proportion to those conforming to the recognized measurements of naval architecture.
  • Since trapping grids are geometrical in form, there is a tendency among investigators to consider home ranges of animals as conforming to geometrical design.
  • Originally there was a large castle on the top of the hill, with walls conforming to the rocky nature of the site, and outside the castle a walled town.
  • They are accused of perverting education, of abusing the confessional, of corrupting moral and political philosophy, of conforming to the inclinations of the great.
  • Hence, while the greater part of Pennsylvania itself were conforming themselves to the acts of excise, a few counties were resolved to frustrate them.
  • In fine, it is evident that while conforming himself to the precepts and counsels of religion, a man may be extremely pious without possessing the shadow of a virtue.
  • Thought and feeling amongst the western nations are conforming to a single pattern: they are losing their old chivalrous character, their possibilities of isolated conquest and intellectual adventure.
  • In this spirit, and conforming to this established usage, the local court of Missouri declared Dred Scott and his family free.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Conforming | Conforming Sentence

  • We are not held responsible for not conforming to them.
  • Irregular: Outlines not conforming to any recognised shape.
  • Wisdom of Conforming to Actual Circumstances.
  • He has to atone for the implicit acquiescences of his conforming years.
  • Therewith the whole position of the conforming sceptic is changed.
  • The few homes conforming to the older ideals are recognized as exceptional.

Definition of Conforming

Exhibiting conformity. | present participle of conform
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