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  • She confronted him with one of her imperious looks.
  • Philippa rose from her easy-chair and confronted him.
  • Had anyone ever been confronted with a position so unique?
  • When he turned and confronted it, the thing had vanished.
  • Here he was confronted by Count Vos Engo.
  • It typifies the workings of the human mind when first confronted by the truth.
  • A delicate situation, which needed the lightest handling, confronted him.
  • As the Padre staggered to his feet he found himself confronted by a stranger.
  • Ruin confronted Mr. Cone as he argued and begged them not to act hastily.
  • Three questions, then, confronted Luther in the study of this text in Matthew.
  • A young Wallachian, with long plaited hair, confronted the Decurio.

How To Use Confronted In A Sentence?

  • I could fancy the confusion with which they confronted each other when the facts came out.
  • I was confronted with one colossal coincidence that was an obstacle to all my aims.
  • To a dexterity so fatal he added a judgment that had not failed when confronted with deceit.
  • She would have confronted him and denounced him, but prudence checked her angry impulse.
  • No one looked at him of young or old, except those who had confronted him at the table.
  • The map-maker of to-day would be astonished if confronted with the coast-line of that early time.
  • For an instant, Si felt his heart sink at the thought of the awful ordeal that confronted them.
  • Nor is this even yet a full statement of the difficulties which confronted Mr. Lincoln.
  • Though drawn from various nations, their hearts were knit together by the peril which confronted them.
  • Just stepping over the threshold of the doorway at the head of the yard steps, he was confronted by two men running up them.
  • Here, to his horror, he found himself confronted by a singularly scathless trio who grinned triumphantly at him.
  • In the final year, the religious societies openly confronted the politically controlled military, everywhere.
  • Burgoyne, with diminishing numbers and no hope of reinforcement, found himself confronted by rapidly growing swarms of enemies.
  • In the first six chapters an attempt has been made to set out certain difficulties with which foreign-born family groups are confronted on arrival.
  • He then got down, and confronted me with his cudgel; he was a horrible-looking fellow, and seemed prepared for anything.
  • I hardly could believe that the dashing young cavalier that confronted me in the mirror was the brother Anselmo.
  • Only when old age has brought weariness with winds and heat, and even with the drawing of sap, are they confronted by their enemy, frost.
  • Fly, however, he would not, but would step forward rather, and be resolved what manner of goblin confronted him.
  • Looking up quickly, they were confronted with Judith and one of her boon companions, their faces crimson with suppressed laughter.
  • The question that now confronted him and challenged his ingenuity was, What was the matter with Archibald?
  • This evidence of his early delinquency now confronted McGinnis as he stepped into the shop for the first time in these years.
  • On descending from his car he exchanged his motor-cap for a feather-weight Panama, and smilingly confronted the group at the main entrance.
  • The click of balls, unusual at that hour, attracted him to the billiard-room, and, entering, he was confronted with an enigma.
  • Again and again he had been confronted with accidents and discouragements that would have caused a weaker fellow to quit and blame the result on fate.
  • Then I wheeled round to be confronted with the great black wall which rose several yards above me, within a pistol shot of distance.
  • Big Brother Bill was confronted by another side of his nature, a side of which he had no knowledge whatever.
  • With an exclamation of disgust he made his way out of the bush and found himself confronted by the laughing gray eyes of Helen Seton.
  • On the occasion of our first appearance here we were confronted as we entered by a large table bearing all manner of special delicacies and cold dishes.
  • Steve was a Gillis, and when a Gillis confronted a man and had a proposition to make, the proposition always contained business.

Definition of Confronted

simple past tense and past participle of confront
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