Confusion in a sentence

Definition of Confusion

A lack of clarity or order. | The state of being confused; misunderstanding. | (archaic) A state of shame or embarrassment.

How to use Confusion in a Sentence?

  • Indeed this is one of the points which may be said to emerge out of the confusion of dispute.
  • It was worth the terrified hours, the bewildered sense of insanity, the confusion and fear.
  • It is a confusion of falsehood and negation, from which Plato himself is not entirely free.
  • When I sought to answer the question in her presence, all was confusion within.
  • All was instantly confusion and dismay, for every one on board knew that Jacob was no swimmer.
  • Imagine the horrified confusion of the poor 'Princess Royal,' not then eighteen.
  • Surprise there was, and a puzzled interrogation, but of confusion or disquietude she could find no trace.
  • It was that necessary little detail which helped to cause confusion in many people's eyes.
  • This confusion is perpetually made in the "great demonstration" from foreknowledge in favour of necessity.
  • The confusion naturally incidental to all private theatricals, was ten-fold increased by the circumstances of our projected supper.
  • But the perplexity only arises out of the confusion of the human faculties; the art of measuring shows us what is truly great and truly small.
  • The footman who opened the door to Keith looked at him with keenness, but ended in confusion of mind.
  • The confusion along the river road as the wagon approached the ranch showed Marion the seriousness of the situation.
  • Such is Chaucer's extraordinary confusion of heaven and earth in the picture of Dido.
  • But when at last we were come to the street that crosses the valley, Great was the crowd and confusion of persons on foot and of wagons.
  • Feeling a certain sympathy for her painful confusion of mind, I did my best to give his words an interpretation which soothed her fears.
  • We did it, however, our confusion being much increased by the Irish gentleman, who jumped up to open the door for us.
  • The confusion of forms and faces became a perfect dream, it dazzled me dizzy, and I felt quite sick.
  • A much greater number of stations is employed and the confusion resulting is distressing not only to the subscribers themselves but also to the management of the company.
  • Owing to changes in names, or owing to two names getting supplied to one ship, confusion frequently exists as to the names of the Astra dirigibles.
  • My eye reverted to a well-known point, and at length, from the confusion of distant objects, it singled out the villa which contained Bianca.
  • Late into the night everyone was finally gone and the two men felt extremely good in having their confusion tactics work on those who were unfriendly present here on this night.
  • It is not possible for any mind, no matter how great its powers, to see the nature of things clearly when it comes to the contemplation of them with such a confusion of ideas.

Short Example Sentence for Confusion

  • Her confusion was delightful.
  • Suddenly there was some confusion in the road.
  • But how interminable is the confusion among them?
  • How such a loss to all confusion brings!
  • There need never be any confusion in these.
  • People were in confusion over the horrible death.
  • The greatest confusion and bewilderment prevailed.
  • Csaky with considerable confusion called the beaters back.
  • Good Heavens, what confusion at the Forum!
  • Yet there is commonly a confusion of expectations on these points.
  • The establishment now became a scene of confusion and peculation.
  • Down below the houses clustered amidst a confusion of heat-bitten greenery.
  • Amidst the confusion in the city square was the man's body.
  • There was great confusion in the palace when the King was found dead.
  • For a fortnight before the important day, all was confusion at Webberly House.
  • There was a moment's confusion as they were swept along in the white water.

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