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  • Things would be more congenial without her.
  • We became congenial intimates from that hour.
  • Worthing his well-placed congenial existence.
  • What a splendid time this congenial little company had!
  • There they and I are congenial speerits.
  • There was too much in society that was congenial to me to be given up.
  • The atmosphere was wonderfully congenial for thoughts of her own.
  • The pleasure that is more congenial than our work is to be taken with caution.
  • Their religion suits them, and is congenial to their nature.
  • Would it were night, more congenial to his dark temperament of mind.
  • The mice too, to say nothing of the rats, were not congenial companions.
  • But the brawl was Johnson's congenial atmosphere.
  • Two more congenial spirits I never met; nor better students.
  • In some ways Tom Pollard is the most congenial man I ever knew.

How To Use Congenial In A Sentence?

  • Each man expected to exploit the diggings and then to depart for more congenial climes.
  • Altogether our 'partie caree' was not formed of congenial spirits, and was rather a dull affair.
  • From England the theory spread northward to Scotland, where it found a congenial soil.
  • Mr. Lewes and Miss Evans have been here, and are coming back to settle into our congenial bosom.
  • Nothing could have been more soothing than such talk to the average employer in search of congenial opinions.
  • For the gypsy is so little accustomed to having any congenial interest taken in him that he can clearly explain it only by consanguinity.
  • He clung desperately to the hope that he might remain a congenial memory to the unsuspecting girl at his side.
  • This only we can say, that so far as we have a choice we should adopt the calling that is most congenial to us and suits our inclinations.
  • Societies strong and skilful enough to hold beautiful exhibitions are dotted all over the congenial parts of the cotton district.
  • Both the laxmania, and zanthorea were growing around me; but neither appeared to be in congenial soil.
  • He avoided general society, finding in the great artists and those sympathetic with art his congenial companions.
  • Socially the President is very congenial when once he has made up his mind to emerge from his narrow circle.
  • The weather was all that could be desired; they were congenial spirits, and the day passed most delightfully.
  • It was large, but they were congenial and greatly enjoyed being together, sharing the same pleasures of sight and sound.
  • This for the time being took my attention from running away, as waiting on the girls appeared to be perfectly congenial to my nature.
  • Those gloomy mountain wilds were terrible after dark, and she thought they would find it more congenial nearer the wreck.
  • Her one idea was to seek congenial pleasures: she appeared to be wholly oblivious to the disapproval of public opinion.
  • In them Akbar found congenial minds, with feelings and opinions similar to but more decided than his own.
  • Mary, however, willingly changed the subject, and led him back to speak of topics more agreeable and congenial to him.
  • Especially to men possessing the active and stirring habits of a city life, and to young ladies accustomed to a large circle of congenial friends.
  • He can never live amidst a large class of equals, with whom he can measure his powers, and from among whom he may select congenial friends.
  • As for the Tories, no great change in them was necessary; everything favouring absolutism and slavery being congenial to them.
  • The aged bachelor, who disliked all functions save good dinners in congenial and familiar surroundings, accepted, after a great deal of coaxing.
  • During the day there was the work of both men and women in the fields in congenial groups, and in the evenings songs and dancing in the village streets.
  • As soon as I had arrived at the age which allowed me to take possession of my property, I sought the element so congenial to my disposition.
  • They will be so fond of what comes most naturally to them that no book-study (if really not congenial to their minds) will draw them off from their homely duties.

Definition of Congenial

Having the same or very similar nature, personality, tastes, habits or interests. | Friendly or sociable. | Suitable to one’s needs.
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