Congenital In A Sentence

Definition of Congenital

(of a trait or a disease) Present since birth.

How To Use Congenital In A Sentence?

  • Something congenital and sleeping subcutaneously beneath the surface of her had scratched through.
  • This anticipation appears first as congenital or acquired reactions on the part of the organism.
  • So that we come back to the congenital basis, the last of our three propositions.
  • If his odor is really a congenital defect, as he says, then there are ways of remedying it.
  • Granting, then, that there is this congenital disposition, what relation does it bear to the song?
  • Only it was congenital with Schmitz that he never really showed approval of anything or anybody.
  • He is born good, a congenital good example, a sufferer from atrophy of his original sin.
  • Frequently a character will be found in regard to which it is impossible to determine whether it is congenital or acquired.
  • The reason why congenital variations are needed for the evolution of the living machine is clear enough.
  • The nature of the germ plasm controls the nature of the individual, and congenital variations must consequently be due to its variations.
  • Yet there are ways of curing even what I regard as the very worst type of congenital criminal at the present day.
  • It may be congenital or acquired, and maybe limited to a small or large area, or develop simultaneously at several regions.
  • The so-called varieties are based mainly upon the etiology, and are named congenital alopecia, premature alopecia and senile alopecia.
  • That the strabismus and cataract of both eyes in this case were congenital is evident from the testimony both of the parents and of the nurse.
  • I was a born "infidel;" if ever there was a congenital agnostic, one agnostically constituted from his very birth, it was I.
  • Now if this peculiarity were a congenital variation it would be already represented in the germ plasm, and consequently it would be inherited by the next generation.
  • We should then have nothing left except the congenital variations produced by sexual union, or the direct variation of the germ plasm as a factor for advance.
  • Hence in each generation those will survive that, owing to some congenital variation of their instinct, seek satisfaction for their impulse in a direction which brings them under the influence of tradition.
  • She had wrestled too bitterly with life to set any undue value on the approval of society, even had she not possessed a congenital carelessness amounting to indifference to the opinions of any except those she loved.
  • Faulty conformation may be either congenital or acquired, and acquired gradually as the result of slowly operating causes, or suddenly as the sequel to previous acute disease.
  • Had Brenton never wavered in his theology, Kathryn would have clung like a limpet to the bed-rock of her congenital Baptist faith.
  • The instability of this substance is so slight, however, that congenital variations cannot be acted on and perpetuated by natural selection, and the influence of amphimixis is thus required for the purpose.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Congenital | Congenital Sentence

  • The congenital characters will tend to be transmitted.
  • The condition may be either congenital or acquired.
  • In regard to the congenital variations there can be no difficulty.
  • In what direction then are we to look for the congenital factor?
  • In the congenital and senile varieties the condition is usually irremediable.
  • This is even more strikingly manifested in the case of congenital idiocy.
  • The condition may be congenital or acquired, usually the latter.
  • If ever a horse was a congenital criminal, Dunbar was the animal.
  • Neither is it every woman's congenital duty to make herself attractive to men.

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