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  • My confessor congratulates me on it every day.
  • Lady Esquart congratulates her husband on being out of it.
  • He congratulates his Majesty, on his propitious fortune.
  • Vasantaka congratulates the king on his unprecedented fortune.

How To Use Congratulates In A Sentence?

  • A Scout always shakes hands when she loses a game and congratulates the winner.
  • So far nothing has happened to divert the observers from their notes and sketches, and a pilot congratulates himself that he is on a joy-ride.
  • She congratulates herself when she is not called to the market, to the courts, to the polls, to the stage, or to the orchestra.
  • Audubon found the black-poll warbler breeding in Labrador, and congratulates himself on being the first white man who had ever seen its nest.
  • He congratulates himself that "the stiff forms of conversation" had passed away; his charges against the older age are merely charges against the archaic and unfamiliar.
  • When the ceremony is over the clergyman congratulates the couple and withdraws, and they, turning, face their friends, who then come to wish them happiness.
  • Dupuis, Henry, congratulates Grotius on his escape out of prison, and makes him an offer of his services, 81, 82.

Definition of Congratulates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of congratulate
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