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  • There followed congratulations all round.
  • He now came to bring his congratulations to Dave.
  • Mr. Binney received their congratulations with equanimity.
  • The first congratulations Annele received were from Faller.
  • Missy had time for only hurried congratulations from her family.
  • Will you give your father my congratulations on his victory.
  • Jubilant congratulations were exchanged at the success of the apparatus.
  • Margaret's congratulations were most heartfelt.
  • So we gave him our congratulations instead of our condolences.
  • We received his congratulations and were made to promise to call again.
  • His congratulations were given very quietly, and as quietly received.
  • But accept, ye sublime Majority, My congratulations hearty.
  • Let your congratulations be--you understand?

How To Use Congratulations In A Sentence?

  • He overwhelmed me with congratulations and with the warmest expressions of sympathy.
  • Ellen desires me to present her congratulations to you and Margaret.
  • But I had no kinder or more loving congratulations than those of the two sisters.
  • When all the greetings and congratulations were over, Mozart seated himself at the piano.
  • In the sheaf of telegrams of congratulations handed to Bert next morning was one from Reddy.
  • He had scarcely finished his congratulations when in walked Hazel and Mary, arm in arm.
  • The Marquis of Maulear added his congratulations to the others offered to Aminta.
  • O Muse, the vilest theme can bring thee splendour, For which congratulations now we render.
  • She replied with the utmost self-poise to the congratulations which she received after the ceremony.
  • Many thanks for your congratulations on my eighteenth birthday and for the enclosure of two pounds.
  • And then the solemnity was all over in a moment, and the flutter of voices and congratulations began.
  • We offer you our congratulations and good wishes for other literary successes and enclose the check herewith.
  • Emily's congratulations were something on the same order, though more frankly expressed.
  • Mutual congratulations and caresses followed, when both birds flew away in quest of building material.
  • So as the young railroad man gathered up his few belongings, he gratefully accepted the congratulations of his friends.
  • Hardly replying to the congratulations showered upon him, he reentered the bar and hastened towards his now recovering companion.
  • Somers found himself unable to answer to the warm congratulations of the old man, or to enter into the spirit of the conversation.
  • He'd have stopped if you'd yelled out," were some of the congratulations showered upon him.
  • I meet you at least half way in your congratulations on the public intelligence received from Holland.
  • On the step they both paused and turned towards us, and we shyly did the proper thing in the way of congratulations and good wishes.
  • That this is the general view of the case is shown by the warm and hearty congratulations I meet with on all sides.
  • After purchasing new clothes and receiving the congratulations of friends, we boarded the train for Ilo.
  • The Deacon swallowed something with a spasmodic effort, and recovered pretty soon and received the congratulations of his friends.
  • They had each telegraphed congratulations and insisted that John wire the time of their arrival in Pittsburgh.
  • Julia and I received your congratulations with pleasure, my only regret being that I cannot return them in kind.
  • After the sergeant had left, James took his hat and went for a long walk in the country, in order to escape the congratulations of the other boys.
  • The Princess wrote to me herself in the same strain, and from every member of the family I received the most warm congratulations on my work.

Definition of Congratulations

plural of congratulation | Expressing praise and approval, expressing approbation.
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