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  • He promises a special blessing on congregational worship.
  • A congregational teacher among Quakers.
  • South Congregational Church.
  • Luther and Congregational Song.
  • She never drives to the Congregational House in a carriage.
  • He became something of a bishop in the Congregational work in that state.
  • Louise A. Kellogg, 107 Congregational House, Boston.
  • I believe there are two-year-old orators in the Congregational Sunday school.
  • It had its birth in 1881 in a Congregational Church at Portland, Me.
  • The First Congregational Society has given $290 to the Chicago Commons.
  • It is the Second Congregational Church of Oak Park, Dr. Sydney Strong, pastor.

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  • Built in 1681, it was a Congregational place of worship for nearly a century and a half.
  • Five of the pupils have been baptized and received to the Congregational Church.
  • Heretofore we have had the Gami, or congregational mosque, with a severely plain exterior.
  • The benefit will accrue not only to our Congregational Churches, but to all others in the state.
  • He lived and died in Elmira, the almost worshiped pastor of the Park Congregational Church.
  • This friend was none other than Mr. Davitt, minister for many years of the Congregational Church.
  • Since 1882 he has been minister of the First Congregational Church in Columbus, Ohio.
  • By uniting choir and dome for the purposes of congregational worship the intention of the architect has been carried into effect.
  • By and by, he issued in conjunction with others a set of liturgical services, which did much to lend dignity to congregational worship.
  • A bachelor, with a small private fortune, his style of living differed from the average of Congregational parsons.
  • The congregational and family book (remodeling of the earlier devotional books for the faithful of the Bible), two volumes.
  • Of these five are of the Congregational order, and their enrolled membership numbers 1,099, nearly one-fifth of the entire population.
  • Probably the acoustic properties would have been superior, and for the ordinary purposes of congregational worship there would have been less unused space.
  • He had been out to Chicago to attend a Convention of Congregational clergymen, and had taken his little boy with him.
  • I am thoroughly convinced that family worship, and congregational worship lose a great auxiliary to piety, when there is not the power or the inclination to join in psalmody.
  • The above of course only applies to a congregational mass: those who celebrate privately at a side altar will naturally speak in a low tone of voice, so as not to disturb their neighbours.
  • And surely we may safely assert that what would lead the saints now into more of the congregational spirit is just communion with Him whom the ark and table shadowed forth.
  • In 1833 the corporate connection of the Congregational Society with the town came to an end through the Constitutional Amendment of that year.

Definition of Congregational

Of or pertaining to a congregation
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