Conjunction in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Conjunction

1. What did this conjunction indicate? 🔊

2. I did a great wrong in conjunction with another man. 🔊

3. The conjunction of terrors was too much for Missy to bear. 🔊

4. Boundless knowledge seems only in a fit conjunction with an unbounded power. 🔊

5. I saw that the conjunction of the planets and stars was highly favourable. 🔊

6. Index registers may be used in conjunction with indirect addressing. 🔊

7. Place a comma before a conjunction introducing a co-ordinate clause. 🔊

8. The first two are used in conjunction with the operating push buttons. 🔊

9. There is, however, another cause which acts in conjunction with this. 🔊

10. Igo Etrich was a very early experimenter in conjunction with Wels. 🔊

How to use Conjunction in Sentences?

1. During a heavy bombardment he works in conjunction with another observation officer. 🔊

2. It ought, on the contrary, to be judged in conjunction with the passage that precedes it. 🔊

3. He would take these men as part of the gang, working in conjunction with the boat. 🔊

4. But their absence, taken in conjunction with the absence of the others, certainly was remarkable. 🔊

5. A prophecy on the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in this present year 1682. 🔊

6. Place a comma before a conjunction introducing a co-ordinate clause 10 5. 🔊

7. As already stated those switchboards which are adapted to work in conjunction with magneto telephones are called magneto switchboards. 🔊

8. Two or more bodies are in conjunction when they are in a straight line (disregarding inclination of orbit) with the sun. 🔊

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