Conjunctions in a sentence

Definition of Conjunctions

plural of conjunction

How to use Conjunctions in a Sentence?

  • Prepositions and conjunctions the child began to employ early, but acquired them slowly.
  • The conjunctions are as primordial elements of 'fact' as are the distinctions and disjunctions.
  • So, except for a few scattered pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions, were the next fifty words he used.
  • To say that conjunctions connect words, may be true in a certain sense; but it is a very superficial and loose mode of stating the matter.
  • It is just because so many of the conjunctions of experience seem so external that a philosophy of pure experience must tend to pluralism in its ontology.
  • Our fate depends upon places, persons, times, circumstances, our own will; not upon the fantastical conjunctions inspired by charlatans.
  • There are also a number of conjunctions which are met with almost exclusively in the written language, and which it would be pedantic to use in conversation.
  • The first duty of radical empiricism, taking given conjunctions at their face-value, is to class some of them as more intimate and some as more external.
  • I have to conclude that its dialectic has not invalidated in the least degree the usual conjunctions by which the world, as experienced, hangs so variously together.
  • Statesmen of a more judicious prescience look for the fortunate moment too; but they seek it, not in the conjunctions and oppositions of planets, but in the conjunctions and oppositions of men and things.

Short Example Sentence for Conjunctions

  • Therefore the conjunctions y and u prevent triphthongal synalepha.
  • Subordinating conjunctions introduce a clause that is dependent on another.
  • There are six classes, viz., conjunctions of:-- (1).