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  • No conjuncture could be more favorable for his designs.
  • Certainly, it was an odd conjuncture of persons and interests.

How To Use Conjuncture In A Sentence?

  • It was a conjuncture fraught with consequences vastly more important than anyone foresaw.
  • He said of the conjuncture in which he was placed that it was not one of the most difficult, but the most difficult of his political life.
  • It is the most usual method in every report, first to examine its probability, and then act as the conjuncture may require.
  • I have named the talismans on which I habitually depend, but here was a conjuncture in which both were wholly useless.
  • But in that regard fortune brought aid, and brought also to Sophy a strange conjuncture of the new life with the old.
  • At this conjuncture he thought he saw a road to success in the relief of Kars, which had been persistently besieged by the Russians.
  • These two great terrestrial discoveries were contemporaneous; and it would be difficult to name any conjuncture of material events bearing with such importance on the history of the world.
  • At this conjuncture of affairs, when the Queen was in despair, Madame des Ursins did not lose her composure.
  • And when the death of his father, in 1769, left him free to select his own pathway through the world, a new conjuncture of affairs again caused him to smother his cherished aspirations.

Definition of Conjuncture

A combination of events or circumstances; a conjunction; a union. | A set of circumstances causing a crisis; a juncture.

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