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How To Use Conjure In A Sentence?

  • Why should the very mention of the name conjure up such haunting memories of the past?
  • And his action did more than anything else to conjure up the image of the man who was coming.
  • She tried in vain to conjure up a consoling vision of the man she had loved so long.
  • Every one feels that the same external cause may conjure up various dream-pictures.
  • He could not, even by the most remorseful determination, conjure up the living thought of her.
  • It is the spirit that giveth life, and 'college spirit' is certainly a name to conjure with.
  • Children are so odd, Alfred, and have so many fancies that they conjure up themselves.
  • The wildest dreams of Dante could not conjure up such terrible, such awful scenes.
  • I need not conjure long it seems, One rustles hitherward, and soon my voice will hear.
  • This somewhat tardy edict was accepted by all, and San Francisco became a name to conjure with.
  • Burgoyne was puffed up with the notion that he was going to conjure the demon of rebellion with the magic of his name.
  • Possibly he felt that the imperial staff alone was too feeble to conjure his kingdom into permanent existence.
  • She would hardly have known what price she would refuse even to the most desperate of evil spirits that could conjure up that laugh.
  • Lance could not suppress a shiver as he thought of the earth-shaking cataclysm that ray would conjure from the infinitely high heavens.
  • At any time it would be easy to conjure up ghosts of great people with such incantations of crumbling wall and oaken device and panel.
  • Therefore I conjure you to repair instantly to the king and stir not from his side until this night is past.
  • They conjure up a world of charming, vapid faces, where there is little life apart from sentiment and rhetoric.
  • Overwhelmed with grief at the pitiable condition to which we are reduced, we conjure you to abandon everything, and embark without delay.
  • Caradoc had met a dragon more terrible than the Sargasso could conjure up, and its fangs were in his heart.
  • Toil has in itself no spell to conjure with, but its recurrences of molecular action, cerebral and muscular, are as delightful as rhyme.
  • She denied even to certain pieces of furniture, books, or ornaments, their passive right to conjure up the spectre of her solitude.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Conjure | Conjure Sentence

  • I conjure you curse me not.
  • It was a name to conjure with.
  • It is not that memory cannot conjure up the scene again.
  • Was it to conjure up the miraculous vision?
  • But they are still names to conjure with.
  • Such visions were easy to conjure up.
  • What a vision of woe the words conjure up.
  • He could conjure no smile to his lips.
  • Henceforth, they will conjure up a less elusive figure.
  • But his name was still a name to conjure with in England.
  • It is thy name they conjure with, son of Siward.
  • The Conjure Woman (stories).
  • Luther's name is a name to conjure with.
  • I don't have to conjure up some kind of a hope.
  • It was a thing to conjure adventure; it was a talisman of romance.
  • Quoth he, "I conjure he again.
  • Of all the newspapers the "Tribune" was the very best to conjure with.
  • In Egypt we have our secrets, and know whence to conjure riches at our need.
  • I took a moment to conjure a HUD with his Whuffie score on it.

Definition of Conjure

(intransitive) To perform magic tricks. | (transitive) To summon (a devil, etc.) using supernatural power. | (intransitive, archaic) To practice black magic.
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