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  • Not I, but our country, beseeches and conjures you to do this.
  • The name conjures European ideas of American mountain grandeur.
  • Au jour dit, les conjurés prirent donc le chemin de Lidarende.

How To Use Conjures In A Sentence?

  • The loss to his friends can be replaced only by an imagination that conjures him up beside them.
  • She describes a champion whom she has seen in a vision, and conjures him to appear in her behalf.
  • The estate of Lawers conjures up from the deep oblivion of ages many stirring times.
  • What a variety of expression he conjures into that naturally not very fine countenance of his!
  • Sainte-Beuve conjures up the ghost of Menander, saying: For the love of me love Terence.
  • As we stand there, the imagination conjures a procession accompanying a victim to the awful torture of the stake.
  • Tobacco is a cheery subject for the book-collector, and somehow the very word conjures up a vision of warmth and comfort.
  • The mere ghost of a corrupt bargain is worth many thousand votes to the lucky man who conjures up the ghost.
  • But, really, the horrors which the mind conjures up of the dangers of the bacillus in the future are demoralizing.
  • Les conjurés déposèrent leurs armes, s'installèrent sur les bancs et mangèrent.
  • The mental rack of suspense, of waiting, while the imagination conjures an endless chain of dire probabilities....
  • The mention of Rabelais conjures up one of those extremely rare instances where a translation constitutes as great a classic as the original work.
  • To him the very mention of stone moss-grown walks, a sundial, roses, and green lawn conjures up a vision of delight.
  • She conjures you not to go to Rambouillet, as your lady of honor, and the friend of your mother; she even forbids your doing so.
  • The name conjures up visions of grey church towers, monumental urns and the eulogies in verse beloved of Georgian poets.
  • There is in existence the strangest possible dialogue in Latin between the Queen and an enchanter, who conjures up a spirit to foretell her end.
  • The repeating of it to ourselves conjures up the history of those never-to-be-forgotten days and carries back our spirits to commune with all those gone before us.
  • It conjures up to our mind the brilliant scenes and magnificent achievements of the period, whether viewed in the enchanting pages of romance, or the more sober records of history.
  • My master had forgot this letter, Which he conjures you, as you are his friend, To give Aurelia from him.
  • The picture of blissful isolation in the intra-uterine life, which the sleeper conjures up night after night, thus also completes the picture from the psychic side.

Definition of Conjures

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of conjure

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