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  • It is like a conjuring trick!
  • Countess, you are conjuring up a phantom.
  • It all fell out as dexterously as a conjuring trick.
  • His reverie kept conjuring up strange scenes.
  • The last time I learned to do conjuring tricks.
  • I can see by your eyes that you are conjuring up all sorts of terrible things.

How To Use Conjuring In A Sentence?

  • Fortunately there are a few simple conjuring tricks which are within the reach of us all.
  • I see only two means of conjuring the spell and obtaining a release from the circuit.
  • As he hesitated, conjuring up words of parting with his little friend, he gasped.
  • He cannot explain that and has avoided the best known trick of all Indian conjuring tricks.
  • It really was like a conjuring trick; the thing was done before I knew anything about it.
  • And, conjuring action with necessity, Freeze the quick will, and make him all her own.
  • Once and again Rua saw, in the trenchant edge of the sky, The giddy conjuring done.
  • Passion whispered of a vaster sorrow needed for herself; and the hope conjuring those frightful complexities was needed to soothe her.
  • There were enough lugubrious subjects which might not be escaped, without wilfully conjuring up baleful images.
  • There were, of course, many people who were not moved by it; to whom it was the conjuring of an arch pretender.
  • It professes to be sustained by proof, and yet the professions of no conjuring quack ever appealed more exclusively to credulity.
  • But the past of the Assyrian sculptures is quite necromantic enough without conjuring for them a necromantic future.
  • Mr. Escrocevitch was a person of general utility and was especially good at all kinds of conjuring tricks.
  • Millicent, saying nothing, gazed at her companion, as if conjuring him to speak plainly and to end an intolerable position.
  • If conjuring is one of the amusements provided, it generally takes place in the drawing-room immediately after tea, and lasts about an hour.
  • The medicine bag or bundle, the conjuring apparatus, is often hung and fastened to a separate pole, or over the door of the tent.
  • It was like God grafting the life of man upon the body of the earth, intimately conjuring with his own flesh.
  • The woman did not hear it at first, but Kiviung kept on conjuring the spirit and it rose right up through the floor roaring loudly.
  • They are also places of amusement by day and night, and plays, ballets, and conjuring take place at them; but no respectable females frequent them.
  • I therefore once more called Mr. Petulengro aside, and told him that the jockeys were cheating him, conjuring him to return to the encampment.
  • The obligation imposed on us by the queen, of being intellectual at all hazards, had the effect of conjuring up a somewhat embarrassed and stupid expression to our faces.
  • It is for her sake that we must stir ourselves, but we would not trouble to get out of bed in the morning, or to leave our chairs once we are in them, if she had not her conjuring bag.
  • Who and where is that awful Deity into whose altar-fire that conjuring Jew had spat, because He would not listen to his invocations?
  • Occasionally our conjuring friend breaks out from the stereotyped programme already described, and one of the most common additions to his programme is the "coloured sand" trick.
  • He was partly dazed by his own good fortune, and, when at last they ceased from speech, he sat in contented silence conjuring up roseate visions of the future.
  • They wandered thoughtfully about the barnyard, stepping rather higher than usual, cocking their heads and regarding me with their red-rimmed eyes as if they were cluckfully conjuring up old associations.

Definition of Conjuring

present participle of conjure | (gerund of conjure) An act in which something is conjured
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