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  • A certain inspiration was connected with his presence.
  • I remember only one circumstance connected with my life in it.
  • A battery and magneto receiver are connected in series with the device.
  • England and France are connected by a loaded submarine cable.
  • How did North America used to be connected with South America?

How To Use Connected In A Sentence?

  • Between this contact and one side of the line is connected the polarized ringer and the generator.
  • Russjan was connected with this firm, which built 2 biplanes to his designs in 1909.
  • I had become, as it were, connected with my companions, though we had not exchanged a word.
  • That, like everything else connected with Kiel Week, had suddenly been called off.
  • Usually all the trolley wires of a city are so connected to the generating units as to be positive to the rails.
  • In practice these two primary windings are connected in one circuit and the two secondaries in another.
  • An ordinary polarized bell is shown connected in series with a condenser between the lower limb of the line and ground.
  • Lightning discharges between clouds frequently induce charges in lines sufficient to damage apparatus connected with the lines.
  • A telephone line that is connected with an exchange is an exchange line, and it is a party line if it has more than one station on it.
  • A carbon block connected with a wire of the line is separated from a carbon block connected to ground by some form of insulating separator.
  • There is a boat body, without steps, carrying the motor which is chain connected with the propeller.
  • As a result, the receiver will be connected between two points of equal potential, and no direct current will flow through it.
  • As it was, the loneliness of the place, and the wild stories connected with it, had their effect upon his mind.
  • Each of two instruments connected by a line contains such a pair of plates, and a battery in the line keeps them charged to its potential.
  • The secondary of the induction coil, in series with the receiver, is connected also across the line in series with a condenser and the transmitter.
  • I'm merely connected with the ultra Merton by means of a piece of canvas and some paint tubes.
  • The dorsum is pale grayish tan with 34 pairs of small chocolate brown spots, some of the anterior ones of which are connected across the back.
  • On stopping one motor, the stopped motor is unclutched from its propeller shaft, which is then connected up by chain drive to the opposite shaft.
  • Another spot, numbered ten, stood outside the circle, but was connected thereto by a thin curved line.
  • Being ignorant of everything connected with these matters, I beg you will be so good as to communicate your views and advice to the bearer.
  • There was some wild story about this being the wreck of a pirate, and of some bloody murder, connected with it, which I cannot now recollect.
  • The requirements of common-battery signaling demand that the ringer shall be connected with the line so as to be receptive of a call at any time while the telephone is not in use.
  • Indeed, he perfectly reconciled my uncle to his quarters by mentioning the great personages who had once inhabited them, all of whom were in some way or other connected with the family.
  • If the simple cell already described have its terminals connected by a wire for some time, it will be found that the current rapidly weakens until it ceases to be manifest.
  • In this two batteries are used which supply current respectively to the two connected lines, condensers being employed to conductively isolate the lines.
  • In this the battery at the central office is connected in the middle of the two sides of a repeating coil so that the current from the battery is fed out to the two connected lines in multiple.
  • The central-office equipment consists of a dial connected with an impulse wheel, together with suitable keys by which the various circuits may be manipulated.
  • When the line is in its normal or inactive condition only the bell at the first station is so connected with the line circuit as to enable it to be rung, the line being open beyond.
  • Likewise the two bells connected with the lower side of the line are marked positive and negative, as are the two bells connected with the upper side of the line.
  • There was not a grand name in Normandy, and hardly one in France, that was not, in some way or other, connected with his house.
  • The two outer contacts are connected respectively to an ordinary alternating-current ringing generator and to ground, but the connection is reversed on the two keys.
  • But suppose our external actions are inevitably connected with our volitions, and our volitions as inevitably connected with their causes, how can we be responsible for either the one or the other?
  • I found it prudent, indeed, to banish from my mind, as far as was possible, all subjects, all memories, connected with Spiritualism.
  • As this is worked out in practice, the left-hand battery is always connected to those lines which originate a call and the right-hand battery always to those lines that are called for.
  • Obviously combinations of these two arrangements may be made, as by forming strings of cells connected in series, and connecting the strings in multiple or parallel.

Definition of Connected

(usually with "well-"): Having favorable rapport with a powerful entity. | Having relationships; involved with others. | (Canada, US) involved with organized crime, specifically someone not (yet) working for a crime organization, but referred to as a "friend" by made guys/wise guys inside the organization.
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