Connie In A Sentence

Definition of Connie

Obsolete form of cony (rabbit).

How To Use Connie In A Sentence?

  • But that Connie should despise what she had filched away only made things worse.
  • Of course it was no credit to Connie to be able to rattle off all those names and things.
  • Just think of Connie having to stay in bed and hear the noise we were making downstairs!
  • Annette had not been well the day before, and Connie had peremptorily forbidden her to sit up.
  • However Connie had simply taken it for granted, and she had been housed somehow.
  • Betty stood up in the middle of the sleigh and balanced herself by holding on to Connie and Lois.
  • As they made their way towards the luggage van, Connie saw a beckoning hand and face.
  • And with that, by way of starting things, he pushed Connie Bennett into the water . . .
  • But Connie knew very well by this time that Nora was not wholly absorbed in Middle English.
  • As Connie was older than the other children she took charge of the household and of the tiny little baby.
  • He carried her off, Connie extremely nervous, and wondering into what bogs she was about to flounder.
  • On the evening before Connie left Oxford there had been a long and intimate scene between these two.
  • It was easy enough to understand what had attracted him, for Connie always instinctively sensed in anything the really vital assets.
  • Only Josie was pretty and plastic and passionless, and Connie was not pretty nor plastic nor passionless.
  • Falloden won it, in a brilliant field; and Connie contrived to know all she wanted to know as to his papers, and his rivals.
  • If the prize had been given for the queerest instead of the best letter Connie Camden would have gained it.
  • And Connie fell back on her pillows, with a great stretch, her black brows drawn over eyes that still smiled beneath them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Connie | Connie Sentence

  • But Connie fell silent.
  • She told me Connie had insulted her.
  • Lady Connie flushed mutinously.
  • Presently Connie gave a great stretch.
  • But Connie rarely said a word.
  • But Connie also was playing an important part.
  • Drawings by Connie Moran.
  • He held out a letter, which Connie took like a culprit.
  • Nora hid her eyes again, and Connie got paler and paler.
  • And nodding to him Connie went out with Nellie.
  • It was just like Connie to win a scholarship and then not tell anybody.
  • And when Connie comes back just ask her to step in here a moment.
  • When the bell rang for study hour, they left Connie with her.
  • After lunch, Connie went to talk to her aunt about the incoming furniture.
  • Alice and Connie avoided each other, and Connie asked no questions.
  • After his departure Connie sat on in the cold room, thinking about Sorell.
  • She looked at Connie as at an enemy, and Connie flushed a bright pink.
  • And Connie was always putting forward that Mr. Sorell taught her Greek.
  • First--how was it that Connie had come back so soon?
  • Amy is away and Connie up to her eyes in the month's accounts.
  • I'd die of embarrassment," Connie pleaded.
  • I must go," he said brusquely, as Connie tried to detain him.
  • And Connie did it, broadly speaking, during the week of Falloden's schools.
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