Conquest In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Conquest | Conquest Sentence

  • What a conquest this!
  • There were a conquest lost.
  • It is the conquest of death.
  • But where does your conquest live?
  • The conquest of worry.
  • The conquest pleased her.
  • But even this conquest was superficial.
  • Their first conquest was woman.
  • At last the conquest was made.
  • Tis conquest to be ruled by love.
  • But the work of conquest was slow.
  • In all my conquest fer and nere.
  • Step by step that conquest proceeded.
  • She made a conquest by her tears!
  • They never thought of conquest again.
  • Farthest from her thought was conquest of the man.
  • The mood of conquest was upon him.
  • And on the conquest every bliss depends.
  • I allow the conquest to be worth the trouble.
  • The conquest of the sea and the conquest of the air.
  • Montgolfier proposed to accomplish the conquest of the air.
  • But for that conquest it could hardly have existed at all.
  • His thunderbolt of conquest was a host of righteousness.
  • And no man claimed the conquest of your land.
  • There was no conquest in the strict sense of the term.
  • By their right arm the conquest must be wrought.
  • The light of conquest vanished from the gray eyes.
  • It suggests no simple recipe for the conquest of fear.
  • And gain a victory where conquest brings no glory.
  • This strange friendly conquest was in the year 1651.
  • When that is gone, his flight or conquest is instant.
  • The conquest was difficult; it was finished only in 1916.
  • The conquest of egoism is impossible without moral force.
  • The conquest of Mexico.
  • In conquering one province, the conquest of all is made.

How To Use Conquest In A Sentence?

  • But he was bent on the conquest of Egypt.
  • Articles of contract for the conquest of Mindanao.
  • The conquest of Peru was complete.
  • This conquest was, however, superficial and partial.
  • Articles of contract for the conquest of Mindanao.

Definition of Conquest

(archaic) To conquer. | (marketing) To compete with an established competitor by placing advertisements for one's own products adjacent to editorial content relating to the competitor or by using terms and keywords for one's own products that are currently associated with the competitor. | Victory gained through combat; the subjugation of an enemy.
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