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  • Very good and conscientious work.
  • Sadie was a conscientious little girl.
  • It is an exacting time for the conscientious proprietor.
  • He was an active magistrate and a conscientious man.
  • He is manly, and conscientious to a fault.
  • And she also reminded them to be conscientious in all their work.
  • The above was my conscientious opinion in the middle of last year.
  • He was strictly conscientious in his conduct, both in public and private.
  • Muriel Gay was a conscientious worker who tried hard to please her director.
  • All through life John Scattergood had been a deeply conscientious man.
  • The Third Reader Class grew conscientious to the splitting of a hair.

How To Use Conscientious In A Sentence?

  • All this can be only inferred from the preserved scraps of his conscientious writing.
  • Not one of them is respectable or sorry or conscientious or worried about its sins.
  • What degrees of conscientious workmanship went into these results, we are just now learning.
  • Mr. Sorenson is a very capable and conscientious game-warden and a very genial gentleman.
  • If I fail in my conscientious effort to right a great wrong, it will not be my fault.
  • But the Academy (the tenth old woman) was not so conscientious as the other nine.
  • It left me without a conscientious qualm; I had but robbed a robber, when all was said.
  • The White Hussars were as conscientious in choosing their wine as in charging the enemy.
  • In times of peace, say Englishmen, a conscientious figurehead on the throne is good enough.
  • Soon after, I received your letter; of course I approve your conscientious course of conduct.
  • Any man who relies upon a good government to sustain acknowledged evil, does much to modify the notions of goodness which honest and conscientious men have entertained respecting that government.
  • In another he was appearing before a tribunal of employers as a conscientious objector to all forms of work.
  • And it is to the discovery of the nature of such germs that a careful and conscientious observer will naturally turn his attention.
  • And every point of conscientious difference increases the distance between true friends in geometrical progression.
  • And this was said of a kind-hearted and conscientious woman, by a very reasonable and amiable domestic.
  • Consider whether your training of the anti-jam habit has been really conscientious and sufficient to establish the habit in any degree.
  • This woman drank moderately, but was very conscientious in despatching her three younger children to school.
  • Is your own conscientious conception of your duty to be considered as God's command to you?
  • I knew him for a truthful, conscientious fellow, without a glimpse of humor or the slightest histrionic talent.
  • Marescotti was no atheist; he was a religious reformer, sincerely and profoundly pious, and conscientious to the point of honor.
  • Her jealousy, her pride, and her conscientious scruples were roused, and she would not listen to any reasoning or protestations.
  • Yet, however much all that speaks in favor of the conscientious instinct in the physician, it is ultimately based upon a misinterpretation.
  • He was conscientious and he improved on Manguino's spy network, spanning the continent.
  • Still, there are many intelligent, excellent, and conscientious persons, who hold a contrary opinion.
  • This does not mean gloomy plays or problem plays, but it does mean conscientious study of American life.
  • And they gripped the brass handles, holding on till the tension became too great, with the conscientious air of people taking medicine.
  • Moreover, she was wrestling with conscientious scruples regarding her duty in withholding from Eglah some disquieting facts known only to herself.
  • I have devoted myself to Realism, and in order to be a conscientious student I study it in all its branches.
  • They determined to be better and more conscientious for her sake, feeling that they would die for Miss Jenny.

Definition of Conscientious

Thorough, careful, or vigilant in one’s task performance. | Influenced by conscience; governed by a strict regard to the dictates of conscience, or by the known or supposed rules of right and wrong; -- said of a person.
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