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  • He was vaguely conscious of a dampness.
  • She seemed conscious of his pity for her.
  • She was conscious of a vague uneasiness.
  • In short, since I am conscious to myself.
  • He was conscious of a distinct shock of loneliness that she was not there.
  • The animal seemed to be conscious only of its fleeing victim.
  • He talked to me with the cowed manner of a conscious inferior.
  • Keith was conscious of a flush of warm blood about his heart.
  • He became conscious suddenly that he had on his worst suit of clothes.
  • The butler's expression was one of conscious rectitude.
  • Lessingham seemed conscious of his advantage, and leaned towards her.
  • He was hardly conscious of fatigue as he pressed across the sandy waste.
  • Here then we are conscious of an act, of an effort, of the mind.
  • Yet, when the day came, he was conscious of a strange tugging at his heart.
  • Hardly conscious who helped me on, I was helped very far indeed.
  • Good-bye," I said a little stiffly, conscious of the people upon the platform.

How To Use Conscious In A Sentence?

  • Lessingham was to some extent conscious of their queer, allegorical significance.
  • I was here conscious of a sudden cessation of the influence which forced me to speak, and stopped.
  • He was conscious that she gave him a sweeping glance, and was sorry his shoes were so old.
  • She could not bear to look at her father, puffing himself out with conscious pride.
  • Joan admitted the queerness, though she was conscious of a slight feeling of gratification.
  • Joan moved restlessly about the room, conscious of the ache of tears in her own throat.
  • Joan, under these friendly glances, was conscious of blossoming into real prettinees.
  • The new cook was an unqualified success, and he was conscious of having dined exceedingly well.
  • Perhaps he had been conscious of presences there which were imperceptible to normal and healthy senses!
  • Habit and interest are in a constantly recruited majority against conscious change and adjustment in these matters.
  • He was conscious for half a moment that he took some pride in the superiority of the oarsman over the boys in the other boats.
  • But whether he was near her or not, she was always conscious of his enveloping care, his devoted watchfulness.
  • And he, as he held her warm and delicate hand in his own, was conscious of a strange tumult in his heart.
  • Through it all he was conscious of the inner prick and sting of his disapprobation, as if the swift attraction had passed into a mental aversion.
  • But certainly we are conscious of the act itself; all men will concede this, and this is all our argument really demands.
  • He carries off the dignity with great stateliness, conscious of the vast gulf fixed between him and tenants with no initials after their name.
  • Lady Cranston's guests were all conscious of a little indefinable disappointment.
  • These were all ladies; and as they wore no bonnets, they could not uncover, but at the same time they were not conscious of our approach at first.
  • For if your father should discern your fear, He'll think you conscious of a fault.
  • He was, perhaps, a little too conscious of his happiness; and he feared to do anything that would endanger the pleasure of his present life.
  • My educational scheme was indeed the starting-point of all the big project of conscious public reconstruction at which I aimed.
  • Indeed, this point is hurried over by Edwards in a most hasty and superficial manner, in which he seems conscious of no little embarrassment.
  • Cap'n 'Kiah felt it incumbent upon him to lead the conversation, being modestly conscious of his social gifts.
  • She now hated her more than ever, for she was conscious that she was blushing and that Mrs. Nailor observed it.

Definition of Conscious

Alert, awake; with one's mental faculties active. | Aware of one's own existence; aware of one's own awareness. | Aware of, sensitive to; observing and noticing, or being strongly interested in or concerned about.
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